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Sunday, March 31, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    . The Nondual Highlights The Best of the Internet s Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Websites, and More Issue #1027 Sunday, March 31, 2002 Today s Highlights
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      The Nondual Highlights
      The Best of the Internet's Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Websites, and More

      Issue #1027 Sunday, March 31, 2002

      Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
      by Gloria Lee

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      Warmest Greetings and Blessings On This Day

      ==Gene Poole==

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      BOB ROSE
      from Nonduality Salon
      Soham meditation technique
      There was a recent post that pointed to practice. For those who
      include meditation in their practice, Soham, along with OM are
      commonly considered the "highest", or some similar adjective, of all
      techniques. Enjoy!

      The Bible tells us that in the beginning there was the Word, and the
      Word was with God, and the Word was God. But in the beginning, there
      were no words, no languages, or even sounds of humans or animals. So
      what was the Word that was in the beginning? This has been a great
      mystery, but like the solution to many mysteries, the answer has been
      right under our nose all along.  And that is Soham.

      Soham is referred to as the "Mahamantra", the Greatest Mantra, and is
      considered along with Om to be the most powerful of all techniques.
      This was the first meditation technique, both in antiquity and in our
      own lives. The ancient cavemen, before they had invented language or
      fire, would sit in their dark caves and have nothing else to focus on
      but the sound of their breath. Similarly, the first sound we heard
      when we were in our mothers' womb was the sound of her breath, and
      this sound has been with us ever since we drew our first breath. It
      negates the need to rely on any of the words of the languages of the
      world to use as a mantra. It has brought people to transcendence of
      worldly limitations from time immemorial and continues to do so. It
      can be done even while driving, working, and doing other acts of daily
      life and thereby offers a continuous experience of being in the
      present. This is a great present, because Reality takes place now, in
      the present. Soham is a wonder-full meditation technique and I hope
      will bring you the experience of Knowledge, Consciousness, and Bliss
      that is your birthright.

      In the Bible, when God was asked what his name is, He answered " I Am
      That I Am'. In Sanskrit, the most ancient of languages, the sound of
      the inhalation is termed So, and the exhalation is Ham. Combined, the
      word Soham is translated as "I Am He/That". So, whenever you are doing
      this technique, you are calling on God. Every breath thus becomes a
      prayer and adoration.

      The  Soham Meditation Technique

      At the time and in the place where you feel most comfortable, place
      your body in the position that you have found to be the most
      beneficial for meditation. Close your eyes. Close your ears by putting
      your thumbs in them, or by using earplugs. This will intensify the
      sound of your breath while diminishing the distractions that sight and
      sound bring. Command your mind to be silent, your emotions to be calm,
      and your body to stay relaxed. Focus on the sound of your breath
      coming in. Associate it with the word So. As your breath leaves,
      listen to the sound and associate it with the word Ham. To pronounce
      So and Ham correctly, listen to how they sound. As with most pranayama
      (breathing techniques), Soham is done either in 3 cycles of 12 or 12
      cycles of 12. One inhalation and one exhalation are one respiration.
      12 respirations are one cycle. For those just starting to use this
      technique, it is usual to silently say the word So with each
      inhalation and the word Ham with each exhale. When you are focused
      consistently, consciously, you will flow into simply listening to the
      sound of Soham. Soham is by far the easiest meditation. It comes to
      all living creatures without any effort. And yet it is the deepest
      possible technique, as it presents the opportunity to meditate on the
      great mystery of life and the life-giver itself.

      No matter how we have acted and reacted, with each breath we are
      forgiven for our so-called sins and rewarded with another breath,
      another heartbeat, and another moment of life to cherish. No act of
      will on our part can give us breath. Literally, we are graced with
      this gift of life from a power greater than ourselves. A corpse has
      every bone, every organ, and every bodily system that we have, and yet
      it doesn't have life or healing energy filling every cell with every
      breath, as we have. As you merge more and more with Soham, you
      surrender your reactivity to your thoughts, emotions, and sensory
      impressions. These are all just heavy earth-bound suffering-causing
      limitations. The divine energy of Soham is limitless heavenly love and
      light. Witness, surrender all effort, and fill with this most precious
      gift of Grace. And live happily ever after.

      from MillionPaths
      D: Is it helpful in the enquiry to sit in siddhasana, keeping
          the spine erect, sitting on deerskin, kushasana, etc.
          during the meditation, or are they not quite necessary?
          Will they expedite the progress?
         The real asana is being established in the Self-Reality or
         the Source. Sit in your Self. Where can the Self go and sit?
         Everything sits in the Self. Find out the source of I and sit
         there. Do not have the idea that the Self cannot be realized
         without the help of asanas, etc. They are not at all necessary.
         The chief thing is to enquire and reach the source of the ego.
         These details such as posture, etc., may distract the mind
         towards them or to the body.
      Q: Should I look for the source within the body?
      Maharshi :
            The ego arises within the body. Hence, in the first instance
            you may look within the body for its source. When you reach
            the source there will be no inside or outside, because the source
            or the Self is all-pervading. After realization everything will be
            inside the Self.

      In his journal and on his website, Dave writes stories on the theme of
      awareness and awakening and creates digital art.
      Frank paused, and looked out over the rooftops of Clifton, the direction they had come from, and said:
      "Constancy is the most difficult thing. Time and again you will wake up and realise that you have been coasting along in a semi-conscious state. Watch out especially for when you are doing boring repetitious tasks, tedious journeys, chatting to friends and so on. These times, it is easy to fall asleep, to drift into semi-consciousness. And there will be times when the endless task of constantly watching yourself will be so wearying that you will want to scream. What will you do?"
      "Watch myself scream?"
      "That's the spirit. Remember, this is not like taking vows. If you get drunk and lose yourself, don't go in for heavy punishment when you regain awareness. If you wake up from a fortnights self-pity, don't purge yourself with guilt. Just watch yourself. Just do it."
      "You talked about different Self-Images that the mind creates out of the continually developing Reference Points, that over time, different Self-Images would emerge to reflect new experiences and changing circumstances. So, how will I know that another Self-Image will not emerge which does the Constancy, like, a new one watching the old one?"
      "Brilliant question. I am glad to see that you are not only awake, but paying attention. The simple answer is that you cannot be 100% sure. But! The workings of a Self-Image, yours, mine, anybodies' will become more and more obvious as you go further with your Constancy; it's like a smell, you will be able to smell the workings of a Self-Image. And here is one of the dangers, it has been called "the old man comes in through the back door". The idea of this is simple: you throw the old man out of the front door, and unbeknown to yourself he hobbles round the side and returns through the back door. For example, you might be a compulsive smoker, but you summon the motivation to give up. Perhaps you had a health scare. Anyway, you succeed. You give up smoking, but become a compulsive eater instead. The compulsion has changed, but the driving force is unaffected. The old man has come in through the back door, your problem re-presents itself. The success you felt was illusory. This can happen a lot. But here lies the strength of Constancy, done well, done with true heart, it will render your Self-Image transparent, yours and everybody elses'. You do not want to get rid of your Self-Image, it is much too useful, you just want to isolate the censorship that it enforces. Certainty is a picture fabricated by the Self-Image, you can never be certain again, not in the old way, anyhow. But you will experience something much better. The truth of your own feelings."
      Sam found himself getting more and more agitated as Frank was speaking, and now blurted out:
      "But what you're saying is that the base line for knowing things is just my own feelings, and if that is true for me then it must be true for others, this means we are like bumper cars that just meander around with nothing real between us...."
      "That may or may not be the case, but you don't know that yet, you must experience that directly first in order to know...."
      "Right or wrong, come on, are you saying that the only thing that is real, is what feels right to me?"
      "Feelings are real! Thoughts, no matter how brilliant they are, are just calculations, it is what we feel about our thoughts that really matters. With Constancy you are trying to let go of that part of you which is fixing on one reality at the expense of all the others. You have to trust that your Self-Image is going to carry on like an automatic pilot whilst you deliberately undermine it, that this huge mystery that you find yourself in, your life, can be explored, but not through any port in the storm, not through some clever mental somersaults, no, through your feelings....." Frank tapped Sam on the chest with his index finger, ".....your feelings!"
      "Does this mean that if I am lying in bed with a fever and hallucinating that the police are coming to kill me that for all intents and purposes it is true and not paranoia?"
      "Can you see what you have just done? You have created a hypothetical example of what reality is and then gone on to create the groundwork for distinguishing between two or more "states" of reality. So now you have three states: the "real" world of not being in a fever, the "unreal" world of feverish hallucinations, and a third state that arbitrates between the other two! But all three of those are just creations of your Self-Image, creations of your mind! You can only be where you find yourself. Constancy will help you see through the quagmire of mental creations. What you experience is real! But to answer the drift of your question, at the end of the day what is real is what you feel, not what you think. Thinking is endless and removed. Feelings are alwa
      ys now. With Constancy you will not need to choose between different states that might, or might not be real. That....is what Constancy offers."  
      At the end of this page there are links for two galleries called Mandala and Imagings.

      from Nonduality Salon

      What We Want, What We Really, ReallyWant

      Things like pomegranates,
      orangey-flash flared,
      that crepe-de-chine,
      frilled-out friend
      that blossoms everyday for Rumi.
      Blossoms out in our world's Everyday.

      We mystic lovers often talk about
      the pearled, nacred Luminata Light regatta.
      Coming through the tips of the pine trees,
      the ancients seem to be a giant kelp bed,
      and the earth is the seabed,
      and the moon is a floating pearl
      that's looking for the Beloved
      in the face of every gathered lover.
      And I am a California sea otter
      cracking the sky-abalone's rippled shell
      between my Soul-Teeth.
      My mind has not ripple in this God-Tide.

      Long into the night the sufi's spin,
      not just around the Sheik, but they spin
      the web of laughter into every glad heart.
      They make it ever gladder.
      A hand dipping in the heart for poems,
      a foot, a Love-Midas golden toetip
      turning the universe into the Elsewhere,
      into the Splendor of the Dawn,
      into the Full-Fledged Majesty!

      We get a hand out
      from the Hand of the Friend.
      He's very handy and very helpful.

      We get  a foot up
      on the friendship with the Friend,
      He's very footloose and free
      with teaching perfect dance steps.

      We get a Heartfelt how do you do,
      for doing nothing.
      Especially for Being, just BEING,
      something about an Abundance,
      an Abundance of All That Nothing.

      Sounds like there's something to it to me.

      We sufi's like to gather late at night,
      we like to gather up the hearts of one another.
      We like to run around and bang on doors to Nowhere,
      and climb ladders to roofs that aren't there,
      and drink the SweetWine poured from Tcha!
      Oh Pshaw! That last line was just for fun!

      We Yogi's like to lie in our own ashes,
      and light the seven lanterns in the spine.
      We like to come on to Hari Krishna,
      Hari, Hari, Hari Rama! Rama-lama-ding-dong!
      We like to walk along the Ganges in our minds,
      and steal the skulls off Mother Kali.
      And then drink our own blood in them!
      We slip along the sushumna like a serpent.

      We Buddhist's like to clear away our thoughts.
      We like to whack the back of one another,
      with a bamboo forest growing in our minds.
      We chant and banter 'bout the Dalai Lama,
      about the time when Buddha bounced our Dharma check.
      We like to carry redwood trees and haul tidepools.
      We simply slay the very notion of any other, Other.
      Is there any other way to do this dying?

      We mad Advaitists like to act as if,
      we act a lot like we aren't even saying anything.
      We try to never be appearing to have a name or home.
      We even say we do not have a dog,
      or particularly like anything in particular.
      You know, we really have no preferences
      for one thing or another.
      We just want to insist to everyone,
      to everyone who'll listen that is,
      that we aren't even here,
      while spouting out so loudly,
      "I AM, I AM,  I AM, I really, really Am!"
      And right NOW, too!

      This idea of mine to say a thing to something,
      it's just a ploy,  an act, a front.
      What I really want to do,
      what I really want to say,
      is that God isn't interested in our rituals.

      He simply does not give a fuck what we do to get to Know Him.

      So let's just shimmy up to God,
      let's just jimmy open His Heart.
      Let's just get down and do this LOVE thing.
      Nothing else to do,

      SO, let's all just stick to Rumi's "new rule,"
      and break the Wineglass,
      and fall

      i n t o

      The Glassblower's Breath.

      Oh You Huuuuu, over here!


      from Ramana-Maharshi

      'The waters arise up from the sea like clouds, then fall as rain and run
      back to the sea in streams; nothing can keep them from returning to their
      source. Likewise the soul rising up from Thee cannot be kept from joining
      Thee again, although it turns in many eddies on its way.'

      (from Sri Arunachala Ashtakam; trans. 'Faith')

      Fair in every part, my true love, no fault in all thy fashioning. Venture forth from Lebanon,
      and come to me my bride, my queen that shall be. Leave Amana behind thee, Sanir and Hermon
      heights, where the liars of lions are, where the leopards roam the hills.
      What a wound thou has made, my bride, my true love, what a wound thou hast made in this heart of mine. 

                                                                   Song of Solomon 4: 7-9

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