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Saturday, March 23, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    The Nondual Highlights Outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list and other online forums Saturday, March 23, 2002 The 1017nd Edition Search all
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      The Nondual Highlights

      Outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list
      and other online forums

      Saturday, March 23, 2002

      The 1017nd Edition

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      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

      Today's Highlights Edited by


      Editor's note.. those of you viewing from the web will need to open the attachments separately.
      From his travelogue and photos of Aranachula and Ramana's ashram
      One of the most auspicious things to do in Tiruvanamalai is to
      circumambulate Arunachala mountain, most auspiciously three
      times or more (I walked it twice, once in a cab!). There are two
      paths around the mountain, the inner, on mostly dirt paths, and
      the outer, on the roads of Tiruvanamalai. Taking the heavily
      travelled (by big trucks) outer road is difficult and potentially
      dangerous, so many try it at night. My second circumambulation
      was on a hot day on the inner path. The mountain is deceiving -
      I could never tell how far along I was on the path, as the
      mountain always looked the same. Along the way, one may run
      into various shepherds and goat herders watching their flock.
      The inner path was once very dangerous, before the mountain
      and the surrounding areas were denuded of their wood. You
      could run into deadly snakes or even a tiger in lush jungle that
      was here previously. My only danger was from foot blisters, but
      they were doozies! (You are supposed to circumambulate in
      bare feet, but not for this tenderfoot).
      A submission by Jan Sultan Aziz Kristof
      Your Ego Image
      Your subconscious mind re-creates, from moment to moment,
      your sense of identity as a particular person. It is very fast. You
      may not be aware of it, for you experience already the result
      which is the ego-image. You experience constantly a recreated
      image of the person you think you are. This image allows you
      relate to your situation in the world. This image revolves around
      your wellbeing, sense of pride, fears and hopes, your security
      and happiness. That is how you are being recreated from your
      subconscious computer program. That is fine, but is it really
      you? Is this image through which you identify yourself really
      you? You are not this which you think you are! You are that
      which you don't think you are! The ego image is just an outer
      layer, a superficial shell, a shadow of your real self.
      Holding onto the ego image is the cause of suffering,
      incompleteness and isolation. One lives in a cage, locked in the
      mind. If someone lives in a prison all their life, one does not
      want to leave this prison. One holds desperately onto a false
      sense of security; this is death. When a bird is born in a cage,
      it will not fly out even when you leave the door open. One gets
      easily addicted to bondage and slavery. We are the race of
      slaves, slaves of the mind. That is what we are. Now we rebel,
      breaking away from the inner prison. In esoteric Christianity,
      there were some schools propagating that the body is the
      prison of the spirit. However, it is not the body which is the
      prison, but the mind. Even if you are out of this body, you
      remain a slave of the mind. How to get out of the mind? That is
      our work.
      But as you meditate, as you breathe you expand into something
      deeper. As you are relaxing into the space of non-reference, you
      move away from your ego-image. You are dissolving into the
      openness of Being. Within this space of non-reference, you still
      remain but beyond any crystallised ego-image. Here, you exist
      in a new way. That's why you don't know who you are anymore,
      for you are unable to translate this experience through your
      past concepts. You are in a state of not knowing.
      You may even experience fear of entering this void because you
      have the feeling of losing yourself. But in truth, you are not
      losing yourself. On the contrary ­ you are gaining yourself. The
      unreal dies so the real can be born. The unreal does not want to
      die, that's why it holds onto its past sense of identity. But
      when you see clearly how unreal this past sense of identity is,
      you let it go. It is not even a matter of courage but rather
      understanding. If you wish to be afraid of something, it is only
      this ego-image to be feared. That void into which you surrender
      is absolutely safe, for it is made from peace and love. It is the
      original womb of life, the domain of Truth.
      Memories of bliss and Byron Katie's "Work" 
      From Loving-what-is@yahoogroups.com a list discussing Byron
      Katie's "Work".. the deconstruction of ideas with four questions
      "This past week I heard the tape where Hans did the Work on a
      peak experience he had. If you aren't familiar with it,
      he had an
      experience of "Nirvana" or whatever, and he hadn't let go of it
      for 40 years.
      Boy was that a gift to me. I did the work on an experience I had
      in 1996 and haven't been able to let go of. It was eye-opening
      to see how I clung to it like a dead lover and how I thought
      nothing else in life compared. I'm seeing how I've clung to
      specialness as a result of this experience. I see how religions
      are borne of this. I see how arrogance and separation are
      created as a result of what the mind does with this type of
      experience. Talk about the ultimate pleasure. Talk about how
      trying to get it back is pure pain and futility.
      Glad to be okay with me right now as man sitting on chair."
      "The Work is merely four questions. It always leaves you with
      less of a story. Who would you be without your story? You
      never know until you inquire. There is no story that is you or
      that leads to you. Every story leads away from you. Turn it
      around; undo it. You are what exists before all stories. You are
      what remains when the story is understood." - Byron Katie
      The Inquiry
      1. Is it true?
      2. Can you absolutely know that it's true?
      3. How do you react when you think that thought?
      4. Who or what would you be without the thought?
      Phil Serveido's journal and more photos of Aranachula
      Ramana ashram is located at the base of Arunchala mountain,
      and it one of the most together places in all of India. There is
      no charge for staying in the spartan but clean guest quarters,
      but they do expect some kind of donation. Ramanaramam is
      teeming with wildlife, most of them in monkey form. They are
      fairly docile for wild creatures, tamed by the force of the place,
      but they will steal you blind if you leave your door open. And
      they're so damn cute!
      Good Fortune
      I woke up this morning and realized this: I may not be
      all-knowing not by a long shot, and certain no saint - there's
      still many a desire arising now and then (and I can be easily
      smitten by a pretty face), and there's surely room for more
      purification - amazing the kind of crap that flows through my
      mindstream. But I am no longer confused - the weight of
      bewilderment the gut-wrench of perplexity and the burden of
      problem-ism have unwound in the heart and released in the
      belly, removing the veils and walls to allow access to the
      Pristine View. How this has happened is a matter of grace and
      intention, but mostly good fortune. Though I'm not liberated for
      sure, this life and the world has been inexorably changed in the
      radiant exposure of the nature of all things. January 15, 2002
      I came often to Skandashram, (Ramana's first cave) and his
      photo is of the tiny inner chamber. I took this without a flash
      and opened the shutter wide to get enough light for the picture,
      and the camera moved a bit. Additionally, the spiritual force in
      that chamber is one of the most intense and potent places I've
      ever felt on this planet. It is like stepping into a pressurized
      chamber, the force of spirit is almost crushing at times. Just
      thinking about it now rekindles that force for me.
      When the oppressive madness of egoity dissolves, thought of 'I
      and other', and 'us and them' lose power and recede, and a
      most wonderful healing occurs: the spiritual cataracts
      preventing clear perception are erased, opening one to the View
      of Pristine-ness and the heart is cleansed in joyful equanimity.
      All beings then becomes one's sangha, sharing in the same
      wonder of basic Awareness. The entirety of existence is one's
      church, The innate wisdom of primal awareness is one's Guru,
      and utter simplicity becomes the mode of being. December 22, 2001
      The living teacher is closer to me than skin is to my face.
      Here is one who animates all the teachers with whom
      individuals have contact.
      Dan is also in a challenging dialogue with
      Its simple in that there is no 'chooser' and hence no choice in
      the conventional sense. The 'choosing' is not determined or
      non-determined. 'Determination' being a mechanical repetition
      of a formula called one's own. Its natural for the 'organism' to
      know the difference between pain and pleasure, but can't
      separate its 'self' from this, can't stand back, can't determine
      its self.
      Without 'me' it can only be one way.
      Michael Read on Yearning@yahoogroups.com
      Having heard that the truth lies within, many turn the search
      within. There they find the beliefs and concepts of the mind
      presented like some living picture show. How fascinating it is.
      So much is offered as the answer. So much personal drama
      unfolds that the seeker is often captivated by the images and
      emotion he deems it real, that he has truly found the essence.
      The truth he believes is that all the experiences, the visions,
      the emotional states, and so on are the truth.
      Thus the seeker finds something to declare, something to
      defend, something to depend upon. What they have is nothing
      more or less than a more elaborate picture show - all created
      from asking the right questions of the wrong source.
      To ask the mind for the supreme answer is like asking the
      village idiot to become the king. Though the results may be
      humorous. No good comes of it.
      Yes, look within. Look at what the mind offers and let those
      offerings go. No, no, no. Do not get caught up in the visions, in
      the ecstatic states of emotion, or the guilts, despairs and
      miseries. Let them go.
      Yes look within. Neither accepting nor rejecting what the mind
      offers, simply look. You will be caught up from time to time in
      some elaborate fantasy, but that is only normal. These
      fantasies all tend to unravel almost of their own accord.
      Continue to observe.
      Though you may be tempted with infinite knowledge, infinite
      power understand even these as illusion, as fantasy. Let go.
      Yes, the gateless gate is within. The doorway that you will pass
      through is there. Ah, when the portal is discovered, Dear Friend,
      do not hang onto the doorframe, don't plant your feet on the
      jamb and then pride yourself on your discovery.
      Step through. Meet yourself. Life is good.
      Greg Goode on NoDoer@yahoogroups.com
      (for complete text, see msg 1759)
      The Anatomy of the Witness State
      There's another phrase I use for witness state - the "serial
      When it truly hits, and not just as theory, then it's the
      sweetest thing that ever happens. It is when the mind, body
      and world are no longer experienced as such, and no longer
      believed to be such. The mind is not seen as the experiencer of
      thoughts. The body is no longer thought of as the experiencer
      of sensations. The mind and body are no longer experiencers,
      they themselves are *experienced*.
      It used to be thought that
      the mind and body experienced the world. Now it is seen that
      they are themselves part of the world of experience.
      Atmananda and jean Klein's direct-path analysis, carefully and
      deeply done, really helps here. What I see is not the essence of
      me. For as that thing comes and goes, I am still here, regarding
      its passing. This includes the mind and the body (so easy! "My
      mind is sluggish till that first cup of coffee." If it's the mind I'm
      seeing, then I can't be seeing with the mind. The seer must be
      something else....
      Since the mind and body are seen as experienced, they
      obviously do not occur as thoughts or sensations. For thoughts
      entail the identity of a holder of thoughts, and sensations imply
      the identity of an experiencer of sensations. Whereas in the
      serial stream, these very holders have vanished into peaceful
      stream of experience.
      All experiences are seen as peacefully arising and falling. If one
      has studied advaita, one might pick up a certain language to
      describe this, saying that it is Consciousness against which
      these things rise and fall. Like Jean Klein and Atmananda say,
      consciousness is the background. These arisings are the
      Consciousness never says "no" to any arising. It accepts
      everything in loving peace and non-resistance, with no
      from an interesting new book
      Einstein and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings Thomas J. McFarlane Editor
      It is in this striving after the rational unification of the Manifold
      that it encounters its greatest successes, even though It is
      precisely this attempt which causes it to run the greatest Risk
      of falling a prey to illusions. Albert Einstein
      If there is even a trace of this and that, of right and wrong, The
      Mind-essence will be lost in confusion. Although all Dualities
      come from the One, do not be attached even to This One.
      Richard Stodart spent six year in a meditative process which
      yielded this stunning series of paintings. To view them and
      other powerful works go to
      Monkey's raw, erratic energy and desire prevents him from
      seeing the continuities of his existence. He feels isolated and
      desperate for control. Disenchanted and confused, he begins to
      look for a way out of his isolation. A new vantage point appears
      and he finds himself in the company of a sage.
      "This series of paintings was inspired by Dragon's Play, by Charles
      Belyea and Steven Tainer. It tells the story of a monkey and a
      sage as they journey from isolation to nonduality. The journey
      unfolds through twelve stages, which I have called markings."
      On Art
      "Images are symbolic ways of suggesting the Ground beyond all
      names and forms. This Ground beyond all names and forms is
      behind everything that exists and supplies everything with the
      possibility of being. They are like the tinkling anklet of the
      female dancer whose dancing weaves the visible pattern of the
      world. Author unknown
      "The deeper the dissolution of 'reality', the more the picture
      loses its symbolic content. The reason for this lies in the nature
      of the symbol and its function. The symbol is an object of the
      known world hinting at something unknown; it is the known
      expressing the life and sense of the inexpressible. But in merely
      abstract paintings, the world of the known has completely
      vanished. Nothing is left to form a bridge to the unknown."
      Carl Jung Man and His Symbols
      "Everything exists only because it has a purpose. The moment
      that purpose has been accomplished, everything disappears and
      existence is manifested as self-existing Self."
      -- Meher Baba (1894-1969)

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