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Monday, March 18, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    The Nondual Highlights Outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list and other online forums Monday, March 18, 2002 The 1011th Edition Search all
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      The Nondual Highlights

      Outstanding posts sent to the Nonduality Salon email list
      and other online forums

      Monday, March 18, 2002

      The 1011th Edition

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      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

      Today's Highlights Edited by


      GLORIA LEE contributes

      The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
      -- Mahatma Gandhi



      There's the old saw that at the time of ripeness the true
      teacher just shows up. It's true the other way too. At the
      time of ripeness the true devotee just shows up. The only
      difference is that the true teacher doesn't know whether the
      one showing up is the devotee or the teacher.


      BOB ROSE
      from MeditationSocietyofAmerica List

      The new issue of The Inner Traveler, the newsletter of the Meditation
      Society of America, is now available for download at
      <http://www.meditationsociety.com/it66136/index.html> This is a fairly large
      file (1.61 MB), but well worth the time to wait downloading. You will need
      the Adobe Reader ™ 5.0 to read it. If you don't have it, the Adobe Reader
      can be downloaded free of charge at:
      http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html We hope you will enjoy
      it. If you feel inspired to write something for publication in a future
      issue, please consider submitting it. It is a great blessing to share
      those things that help others evolve in consciousness.

      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America


      some Live Journal prattle

      "...is anything a "gift" for the nondualist?"

      As individuals, we all love to receive gifts (I
      assume). But I wonder what the implication of gifthood is,
      nondualistically speaking.

      Especially when people say "life is such a gift" or "count
      ones blessings."

      Benediction is implicitly a gift, dualistically speaking. It
      is always something given. There is always an other to bestow
      the blessing.

      The same is for gifts. To say that life is a gift is to imply
      a giver. And a giver is always a separate thing. An "other."
      We don't really give to ourselves. We merely indulge our
      wants and needs. We can't really be an "other" to our "self."

      So is anything a "gift" for the nondualist? Who is really the

      Is life really a gift? Or a frivolous self-indulgence? Or

      I have my own set of answers to such a question. But I just
      had an interesting conversation about this matter, and I want
      the input of members of this community to these questions.

      I went to the search engine
      of the Nonduality Salon and entered 'gift'.

      Most of the responses refer to a book called The Gift, which
      is a translation of Hafiz's poems.

      I found this quote by Gangaji:

      "The great gift that Ramana offers you as his own Self is to
      be still. To not look to the mind as the reference point of
      who you are, mind being "thought" mental thought, physical
      thought, emotional thought, circumstantial thought. To be

      I don't know if this answers your questions, which seem to
      ask about the dynamic, the duality, of gifting. However,
      taking Gangaji's cue, what happens to those questions? That's
      the gimmick of the nondualist, to always point to who the
      questioner is.

      As I know the nondualist to be, there isn't anything except
      each person responsible for knowing Self. That kills some
      parties where people want to ask questions about nondualists.
      And it gets other parties started where what is celebrated is
      the resolution of all questions.

      Is life really a gift? Or a frivolous self-indulgence? Or

      I'd say that life isn't given to anyone (nor is death for
      that matter). I'd say life lives itself, on its own terms,
      and is not associated with a giver nor a receiver, only
      pulsation of being.

      Viewed in that light, I suppose life on its own may be termed
      "a frivolous indulgence to itself" or "life living itself" or
      "complete sharing".


      from Centre of Friends list

      " IMO its not the smallest particle which is undivisable but it is the whole"

      Individual = indivisible (some would say this is the smallest unit. You
      are saying that this is the only unit.)

      For many years, 'scientists' have been looking for the 'smallest unit',
      that which cannot be divided, and thus the 'one' which makes up the

      Ironically, (although this is acknowledged by some 'authorities') the
      observer is itself not only the 'one', but also, 'makes up the Universe'.

      Perhaps these scientists are looking in the wrong direction. IMO its not
      the smallest particle which is undivisable but it is the whole...the
      universe from the point of view of the absolute. No matter how many times
      you divide a number you can never arrive at the absolute smallest number.
      Same with subatomics. They'll never get to the 'bottom' of it IMO. They
      should not be looking at what the universe is 'composed' of but instead at
      its composite...the whole. This defines what it is. Components only give a
      partial picture, its like looking at a push rod and trying to figure out
      how it flys. In reality one must consider the whole airplane to explain


      GLORIA LEE contributes

      That Sounds Wonderful

      Good poetry
      Makes a beautiful naked woman
      Materialize from Words,

      Who then says,
      With a sword precariously waving
      In her hands,

      "If you look at my loins
      I will cut off your head,

      And reach down and grab your spirit
      By its private parts,

      And carry you off to heaven
      Squealing in joy."

      Hafiz says, "That sounds wonderful, just

      Someone please - start writing
      Some great Lines."

      ("The Subject Tonight Is Love" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky;
      original presentation by David Williamson)


      From GuruRatings list
      what does it mean to be enlightened? how do we know when
      we've fallen for, not simply enjoyed, nondual fashion?

      G: hahahahahaha... take it for what it is worth..... if you
      are enjoying life.... if you are living with gusto then
      Great.... when you have no fear of death.... nor chase after
      something that you feel you must obtain to make you whole....
      when you see life for what it is a medium of experience....
      then indeed you are simply enjoying it for what it is.... the
      non-dual experience....

      on the other hand if you feel caught in a vise.... if you
      have to chase after one desire after another - in order to
      fill a hole (that never becomes filled) if you have the fear
      that this is all there is and you are your name, job, and
      labels..... if you feel you must "control" your existance in
      order to survive..... when it is not fun.... when it becomes
      a life and death issue.... when you are caught in the webs of
      your own making and cannot find the way out..... then it is
      pretty safe to say that indeed you have fallen into the maya
      trap ..... and that the body/ mind has no longer become a
      tool but indeed a bondage..... then is the time to crawl
      out.... to find the door that is always open, but not seen...

      what is Enlightenment..... the freeing of the self
      identity... no more baggage..... living life in freshness....
      enjoying the moment for what it IS and not for what
      (colorations inject upon it) .... it becomes simply as it

      Love and Blessings shanti-shanti-shanti Om .g.


      from See What Is list

      Warriors are fluid.
      They are endlessly adaptable.

      Every avenue that is blocked
      intersects countless others
      heretofore unforeseen.

      The fluidity of a warrior
      allows passage from present predicament to

      The infinite abundance
      of what-is
      spirates from
      the naked beauty
      of eternal singularity.

      We are consciousness,
      bathing in a magical compound
      mixed by identification.

      Despite apparent limitations,
      we are free to move
      both horizontally as physical body
      and vertically as spirit.

      All limitations
      are self-imposed--
      authored by identification.

      After all, who is this Tom Murphy anyway?

      I've always regarded myself as competent,
      despite frequent losses of confidence.

      At one point I was a very angry person.

      Parents, siblings, wife and four sons
      are my greatest teachers.

      That's only natural,
      as experience is the inescapable guru.

      Their loving tolerance,
      afforded adequate space
      to experience and integrate
      massive personal history.

      A perceptual node
      sprouts eternal gratitude
      upon all that is encountered
      on the path now elaborating
      its particular bag of memories.

      Identification inevitably surrenders
      to blessed anonymity in oneness
      whether realized in consciousness
      or in the death of individuality.

      Thus is one cleansed
      in the pristine cascade
      of what-is.

      May it occur sooner
      rather than later.

      Loving embrace
      is not to be denied.

      If we are destined to identify,
      let us identify with
           infinite abundance,
           eternal beauty,
           naked singularity.

      May any and all specifics flow from that.

      May the reality that is dreamed
      sacrifice beauty and abundance
      to unifying awareness
      dissolving as nothing.

      As no one foresees
      the instant of one's last moment
      every moment is effectively one's last.

      May one's last battle on earth
      not be circumcised
           by specifying recollections
           and narrowing expectations.

      May one's spirit fly free
      if only for a fleeting moment.

      May such fleeting moments,
      grow ever more frequent,
      thus to now become the norm.

      ~ tomas


      from GuruRatings list

      "There are stories of prominent teachers being reduced to
      loving, awestruck wordlessness in a debate exchange."

      What's interesting is this emphasis on debate, argument,
      dialogue, standing up to someone. This is refreshingly
      different from the usual things looked upon as signs of
      sagehood, such as mysterious siddhis, miraculous powers,
      shaktipat and kundalini transmissions, or dropping into
      trance-states for days on end.

      Verbal pyrotechnics can be fascinating like courtroom drama.
      But the ability to find a clever line, a profound riposte,
      and the psychic energy to keep from backing down when the
      other person gets tough and clever -- this stuff is no more
      indicative of Understanding, Apperception, Enlightenment (and
      all those other capitalized words :-) than the trance states
      or contact highs.

      In fact, most of these non-dual approaches and dialogue moves
      can actually be learned in a few weeks by reading books or
      lurking on e-lists. Not to mention the tricks that philosophy
      majors or long-time advaita seekers can learn! This kind of
      preparation can give someone the style and subject matter in
      a discussion. As for the strength to stand up to a celebrity
      guru and a circle of their devotees.... This can certainly be
      due to the Understanding you're talking about. But it can
      also come from self-confidence or even a plain ol' hard head!
      There are stories of prominent teachers being reduced to
      loving, awestruck wordlessness in a debate exchange. I've
      done it myself! And what did you think of the well-known
      argument between Gangaji and Andrew Cohen? What did it show?
      Who cares?

      I remember Jerry's Groucho glasses! All words on this stuff,
      all words altogether, are spoken by people with egg on their

      Reaching for the napkin...


      from Live Journal

      "I'm impeccable in all ways. I'm full of fertilizer."

      I'm in a better frame of mind than I have been for the past
      couple of weeks. I think my projections and fears of not
      being welcome here in Newman house are settling down. I can
      finally see them as my own projections, not as some
      independent reality in which I am struggling to survive.
      Whew!!! That's better.

      There are personel changes going on here at the ashram (heads
      are rolling). It's interesting to watch the games people
      play. Luckily I never play games. I'm serious and
      straightforward all the time. I'm impeccable in all ways. I'm
      full of fertilizer. Water me and watch me grow... BOOM!!! (I
      just exploded. sorry 'bout that...)

      It snowed last night and was amazingly beautiful today. I
      love March snows because they are very pretty and they don't
      last very long. Hmmmm... that sounds like it means more than
      it does mean.

      Albert Ward is coming to the ashram tomorrow. He's a Miq Maq
      elder. I am very much looking forward to seeing him for the
      3rd time. He's a lovely being and his companions are as well.

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