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highlights for Wednesday

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  • Melody
    Nonduality Highlights for Wednesday, Sept 8, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Becky: Life is really all there is. We have schedules
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 1999
      Nonduality Highlights for Wednesday, Sept 8, 1999

      Life is really all there is. We have schedules and obligations and
      confusion about how to "deal" with it causes one to ask for an application
      of something. But how can we apply anything to what is already there? It's
      more like leaving it all alone. Then life is just itself without all of our
      impositions. I've enjoyed your posts because they are short, direct and clear.

      It is simpler than you think, because there is no one who could 'apply nd'
      to daily life. If nd were something applicable, you would also need some
      entity to apply it. There are no separate entities. "There is no other" is
      not a concept. "There is me and there are others" is the concept. There is
      only one. This one comes as me drinking wine with a friend, comes as me
      taking my kids to school, comes as a snail eating my flowers, comes as
      me hating the snail for eating my flowers, comes as you mailing your posts
      to the nds. ND is not a way of life, it is life itself.

      Yesterday morning I was woken around dawn by a crow sitting outside
      our bedroom window. I lay there, half asleep and half awake, utterly
      comfortable and relaxed, while this bird carried on with a succession
      clicks cackles gurgles giggles pauses sighs clacks soft squalks etc. for
      what seemed like a long time, with no repeated phrases, and a lot of what
      sounded like laughter. I felt that the bird was talking to me, but I was
      unable at the time to understand what s'he was saying. When s'he flew away
      I went back to sleep.
      I've been considering this experience for the last day or so, and I feel
      I have come to an understanding of part of what the bird was saying, which
      is "Eat it, and laugh."
      The 'waste' Melody and others have been talking about is the corpses of
      concepts, ideas, ways of coping, which have been left behind, which have
      died as we have 'moved on', and the concern Melody expressed is with the
      pollution and trouble this causes. The crow's solution, "Eat it", don't
      leave this carrion lying around, eat it up.
      The second message I understand from the crow's discourse is about
      internal laughter. There's a concept of walking around with an internal
      smile, that an internal smile makes the world a more pleasant place.
      Well the crow was talking about going a step further, s'he was talking
      about laughing at the world, at oneself, and at the carrion one is eating,
      cruel and difficult and heartless as it may seem. I don't fully understand
      this, but the crow was saying that laughter is how you digest this food.


      Anyone: tell me your story.....tell me what worked for you....tell me what
      didn't....show me who you are at any given point and place and offer me the
      gift of you...where you are at right now...for surely I will see myself
      there too and finding you I will find me.....I am not threatened by your
      suffering....I am not threatened by mine....I am not threatened by my
      confusion as I am not threatened by yours...I will learn not to be
      threatened by your joy, or your sarcasm, your happiness or
      certainty....teach me by being real as personality....so I can see the whole
      reflected in all the pieces and reach beyond my own personality to recognize
      my self in the One MInd. As you teach me, I will teach you...for that is the
      nature of sharing....like the rainbow it always touches both ends


      I lost the courage to look myself in the eye, and to
      allow the rest of you to 'see me'.

      I began to identify with the posts I was writing, and
      developed an investment (attachment) to having them
      heard 'correctly'. :-)

      I lost sight of my resolution to stay naked.

      Instead I became resolved 'to be heard'.

      And it became, for a while, more important than
      standing free.

      When I'm naked (free and centered), I could care less if
      anyone hears me.

      ~a 74 year young song writer once shared his 'secret to writing':

      "always write first person, for that's the only language another
      heart will hear."



      All I want anymore is to just be the way I am and not turn it all into a
      problem. I don't have such lofty and high goals of constant bliss. I
      guess any of those ideas are about the future and if it's really true that
      it's all really happening in the moment right now, then why do we even talk
      about this enlightenment as something to happen to us?



      happen, people agree or disagree and say or do things. What of it? That is
      an endless dance and one can give any interpretation to various movements
      within it and the missteps. Someone might step on your toes and you can
      still be at ease knowing that you are loved. The eye of the tornado is calm
      and still. Peace is our nature.


      someone watched
      so someone knew
      someone listened
      so someone heard
      the essense of one
      solitary word
      someone reached
      again again
      so touched upon became
      the fire that is within
      someone saw
      between the air
      love was being

      love and blessings,

      From: "Stephen Williamson" <stephen@...>

      Ho everyone. I'm Steve in England and this is my first message to the

      Non-duality. Yes, after listening to J Krishnamurti in the 60's, sitting at
      the feet of various teachers and Gurus and now connected to ShantiMayi, I am
      beginning to experience the onness of it all. Pretty weird stuff, no ego, no
      duality, do discrimination. Yet Samsara, this world of appearances feels so
      real, so do my dreams when I am in the lucid state. A dream within a dream
      within a dream, yet to wake up seems not so difficult once the seeking, the
      craving ceases and I realise that there was never anywhere to go, anything
      to find. The quest was always away from where I am. The secret was here all
      the time....
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