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902Wednesday, November 28

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  • Jerry Katz
    Nov 29, 2001

      "Thou art a lion, not a sheep! Open thine eyes, and
      roar!" Yogananda

      But aren't they merely words! Truth is much simpler
      I guess!


      Worse than merely words. An oversimplification.
      Many masters talk about the lion's roar, but fact
      is some of us are sheep, what to do?

      A mighty BAH!


      Of course - these days, it's possible to equip a
      sheep with a battery operated cassette player plus
      a PA with speakers. Then the sheep can roar like a
      lion but would a lion mind the sound of a potential
      dinner that smells great?


      I don't know if I ever mentioned this web site by a
      young mystic who overcame schizophrenia.




      After reading a paragraph from the `Impersonal
      life' I understood why all the Masters, teachers
      and gurus and awakened ones are bound to be seen in
      the eyes of disciples, students, and partially
      inquisitive ones, to be discovered eventually as
      frauds, failures, liars, narcissistic personalities
      disguised in drag.

      All the masters and gurus from what I understand
      are simply signposts pointing at that which is
      real. It might appear that out of our obsessive
      neurotic collective unwillingness to move past the
      signposts to where it is pointing, the signpost
      itself literally has to manifest itself as
      everything unlike that to which it is pointing.

      Hence I guess why there is so much bad news and
      poor ratings about all of these guys and gals that
      proclaim or don't proclaim guru-ship. Or are simply
      forced into the role through over zealous
      individuals masquerading as `real seekers'

      It is reported that once at Ramana's ashram
      somebody wanted to run a smear campaign and printed
      pamphlets that Ramana was having sex with females
      coming to the ashram.

      When Ramana was told of this, he said "gather the
      pamphlets that you have and stand at the front gate
      and give them to people as they are entering the
      ashram. Maybe just maybe, it will make people stay
      away and I will simply be able to rest.

      `Impersonal life'

      As your human mind is constituted, it at certain
      times thinks it needs a Master, one to whom it can
      turn with it's human trials and problems for
      explanations and advice thinking life's problems
      can be settled that way.

      If I draw to you one who fails you or deceives you
      and throws you back finally upon me, your own SELF,



      and humiliated,

      it is only that perhaps then you will listen to My

      which all these years has been speaking to you,

      but to which your proud

      and egoistic mind

      has not deigned to listen.


      Good stuff! A longer quote from this book
      containing this is available at