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5069#5085 - Monday, October 28, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    Oct 28, 2013
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      #5085 - Monday, October 28, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

      Be taught now, among the trees and rocks,
      how the discarded is woven into shelter,
      learn the way things hidden and unspoken
      slowly proclaim their voice in the world.
      Find that far inward symmetry
      to all outward appearances, apprentice
      yourself to yourself, begin to welcome back
      all you sent away, be a new annunciation,
      make yourself a door through which
      to be hospitable, even to the stranger in you.

      Excerpt from ‘Coleman’s Bed’ in ‘River Flow:
      New and Selected Poems’
      ©David Whyte and Many Rivers Press
      Photo: © DW. Ruined Chapel, Coleman’s Bed. Ireland.

      See with every turning day,
      how each season wants to make
      a child of you again, wants you to become
      a seeker after rainfall and birdsong,
      watch how it weathers you to a testing
      in the tried and true, tells you
      with each falling leaf, to leave and slip away,
      even from the branch that held you,
      to go when you need to, to be courageous,
      to be like a last word you’d want to say
      before you leave the world.
      Excerpt from ‘Coleman’s Bed’ in ‘River Flow:
      New and Selected Poems’
      ©David Whyte and Many Rivers Press
      Photo: © DW. Dawn on the Isis, Oxford, England.

      The Opening of Eyes

      That day I saw beneath dark clouds,
      the passing light over the water
      and I heard the voice of the world speak out,
      I knew then, as I had before,
      life is no passing memory of what has been
      nor the remaining pages in a great book
      waiting to be read.

      It is the opening of eyes long closed.
      It is the vision of far off things
      seen for the silence they hold.
      It is the heart after years
      of secret conversing,
      speaking out loud in the clear air.

      It is Moses in the desert
      fallen to his knees before the lit bush.
      It is the man throwing away his shoes
      as if to enter heaven
      and finding himself astonished,
      opened at last,
      fallen in love with solid ground.

      From River Flow: New and Selected Poems. ©David Whyte

      Photo © DW, Figures on Beach, La Jolla.California


      But tired of land, we open ourselves to oceans, tired of time
      we give back all that we’ve taken, tired of ourselves
      we open ourselves to ourselves at last, sensing the waves
      and great abyss of the sea beyond,
      the ocean stretching on sand
      and the long view on the still sea that leads to another life.

      From ‘Time Left Alone’ ‘River Flow: New and Selected Poems’
      ©David Whyte and Many Rivers Press

      Photo: © DW. Evening Light, Isabela Island, Galapagos.

      We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world; we are a form of
      invitation to others and to otherness, we are meant to hazard ourselves for the
      right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for
      the right work or for a gift given against all the odds, and to allow ourselves to
      be happy may be the greatest, most courageous act of all.
      - David Whyte from Readers' Circle Essay, "Longing" ©2011 David Whyte
      Photo © Sonya Jasinski: Daring to be Happy