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4872#4872 - Friday, March 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    Mar 23, 2013
      #4872 - Friday, March 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Here are selections from the most recent newsletter of the Science and Nonduality Conference. You may view the complete newsletter with colorful photos at...
      Here are a few selections from it:
      The Riddle of Perception
      "Claiming that the brain is the source of everything we perceive (sensations, images, feelings and thoughts) is like claiming that a radio composes music, or that a TV writes the script for a show. A processor looks a lot like a creator. The brain is doing lots and lots of things at the atomic and even quantum level, as is a radio. But none of these activities turns the inconceivable into the conceivable. A rose has no color until the visual cortex processes the information from photons striking the retina. That is indisputable. But nobody can spot how a neuron in the visual cortex suddenly "sees" red. All one can measure is chemical activity and tiny bursts of electricity. There's no seeing in that. Likewise, a neuron can't "feel" the hardness of a desk or "smell" a rose, yet we can...." Meet Menas Kafatos, co-writer of this beautiful article on Perception, at SAND13! http://netinetimedia.createsend1.com/t/r-l-ukltny-jjiidrlhjd-ji/
      The Open Secret with Tony Parsons
      We are superexcited to inform you that Tony Parsons will be giving a talk at SAND13 in The Netherlands.
      Tony is one of the very few teachers of our time that is relentlessly pointing to the "impersonal" and we highly appreciate his work in these days in which a lot of what we call non-duality is becoming dangerously close to the self-help movement with teachers attempting to please the seekers mind and make them feel better...
      Thanks Tony for trusting us with your presence.
      Volunteers needed at SAND13 EU
      We still have some openings for volunteers at SAND Europe.
      What we are looking for is people that can do: Audio/Visual (Video Camera and/or Audio management) and Room managers (Managing the flow of speakers in each room).
      If interested fill this form. If form is not yet available please contact Bepke Wasmann <bepke@...>
      The SELF - the greatest trick your mind ever played
      The last issue of the New Scientist  "The SELF - the greatest trick your mind ever played" - WOW... the ancient mystics' understanding about the Self is becoming main stream science now and yet a long way to go until humanity embraces it.
      ~ ~ ~
      Read the complete Science and Nonduality Conference Newsletter in colorful HTML at