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4816#4816 - Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    Jan 16, 2013
      #4816 - Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      Interview with Darryl Bailey, conducted by Jerry Katz on January 7, 2013.
      Darryl Bailey lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is not affiliated with any tradition. He acknowledges everyone as legitimate and often refers to life as a "totally mysterious event." He invites people to consider their story lines and to see if they match their experience.
      Darryl has a great website at http://darrylbailey.net
      Main contents with time cues:
      2:36 Limitations of most interviews. Is it necessary to talk about one's enlightenment story? (3 minutes)
      5:37 What's the point of these teachings? (1 minute)
      7:38 These teachings look nutty to some people. Only some people relate to it. The nonduality scene and different factions within it. Life as a totally mysterious event, no two expressions the same. (5 minutes)
      13:15 The "I'm enlightened, you're not," perspective. Consideration of the assumptions most of us carry. Assumptions not fitting experience. (3 minutes)
      16:00 You didn't create your urge to love. Try to sit around and do nothing all day. Meditation as acknowledgement of the event of the moment. "I have no idea what this is." This "dancing dynamic." The nature of thoughts. (3+ minutes)
      19:30 What happens at Darryl's monthly gatherings in Winnipeg. As "a consideration of what we already know from our general experience." Acknowledging the moment without a focus on thought. (2 minutes)
      21:43 How Darryl arrived at this point of teaching and began teaching at a yoga center. How his "students" have received the teachings. (3 minutes)
      24:40 Winnipeg, Manitoba compared to California and the U.K. with regard to people's nature of inquiry. (1 minute)
      25:40 Essentials of his teaching. Considerations of form, thought, a head full of labels, the dream, our story lines, the thought that we direct our lives. (4+ minutes)
      30:08 Why live in Winnipeg and not some spiritual hotbed? (2 minutes)
      31:42 Nondual expression as art and science. (4 minutes)
      35:34 People perceived to be enlightened fit a certain ideal image. Each expresser of the nature of existence is different and some are not generally attractive, pleasant, or ideal in their image. But no one is wrong. You wouldn't go into the forest and tell a squirrel he's doing it wrong. (6 minutes)
      41:50 The notion of right and wrong doesn't apply to this. Pointing to the obvious. Can't teach someone to have this sensibility. (2 minutes)
      43:53 Yoga with a nondual view. The corpse pose. (4 minutes)
      47:42 Darryl's students are becoming expressers or teachers. Nature of the attendees to his gatherings and their experience. (4 minutes)
      51:30 Work life, family life, friends, and stuff. (3 minutes)
      54:38 Maybe it's a Canadian thing that characterizes the people that come see him in Winnipeg. The perspective he teaches fits people of all inclinations and interests, not just spiritual people. Supporting people in whatever their expression is. (5 minutes)
      59:14 Simplicity. Simplification of his teachings. "There's only the way life is expressing itself. There's nothing we can say about it." Deep sense of rest. (4 minutes)
      1:03:03 Silence. Some more of the teaching (1 minute)
      1:03:50 What people have difficulty with, listening to Darryl. (1 minute)
      1:05:40 Many live from this sensibility but not everyone can speak from it and those who can do not necessarily have a large following. How Darryl has become more well known. (4 minutes)
      1:09:45 Silence. A non-interview moment and what arises out of it. Personal insights and revelations. Our unique urges. Various teachers and their apparent flaws and strengths and how all this is a totally mysterious event. The idea that we can move humanity to a state of perfection. (8 minutes)
      1:18:45 The nature of consideration of our story lines and whether they match our experience. How to consider. (6 minutes)
      1:25:07 Surrender compared to acknowledging a fact. Dismantling the story line from within it. Day to day existence and the totally mysterious event that is occurring. (5 minutes)
      1:33:17 You may not like everyone and everything you encounter but it's natural to love it all. Some of Darryl's spiritual biography. Acknowledging the moment and getting caught up with fascination with a teacher's journey or experience. (4 minutes)
      1:37:57 Darryl's history as a speaker and interest in words. We have some fun. Taking this stuff lightly. (6 minutes)
      1:43:39 People who go to meetings and "get" the teaching and then don't bother talking about it or going to anymore meetings. The urge to be supportive. Acknowledging everyone as legitimate. (5 minutes)
      1:49:59 His community of friends and some of the dynamics. Comparing his ordinary life in Winnipeg to his life as a recognized teacher when he visits California. (7 minutes)
      1:56:40 Darryl talks about his books. (6 minutes)
      Watch/listen at
      More information about Darryl, his writings, books, dvds, other interviews are available at his excellent website: