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4811#4811 - Thursday, January 10, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    Jan 11, 2013
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      #4811 - Thursday, January 10, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/
      "I may be a perfect scoundrel … As a matter of fact, I am … But there are
      moments when I am the instrument for certain kinds of information."
      January 8, 2013
      Leonard Cohen, quoted in Ladies and Gents, Leonard Cohen by Jack Hafferkamp
      (Rolling Stone: Feb. 4, 1971). Context of quote follows:
      "Look, I think the times are tough … these are hard times. I don’t want in any way
      to set myself up as Timothy Leary or Abbie Hoffman. I mean, I’m not one of
      those guys. I have my feelings about how to move myself into areas which are not
      completely bordered with pain. And I’ve tried to lay out my chart as carefully
      as I can. I have come through something. I don’t want to boast about it. I don’t
      even want to talk about it. Look … you know, the songs are inspired. I don’t
      pretend to be a guide. I do pretend to be an instrument for certain kinds of
      information at certain moments. Not all moments, and it has nothing to do with me
      as a guy. I may be a perfect scoundrel … As a matter of fact, I am … just like
      the guy on the scene. But there are moments when I am the instrument for
      certain kinds of information."
      via Vicki Woodyard on Facebook

      "Brokenness is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to allow
      something else to happen."
      Cohen tends to be evasive when asked to explain his work, but he suggests that
      the lyrics explain that ‘Many kinds of hallelujahs do exist, and all the perfect
      and broken hallelujahs have equal value.’ This notion of brokenness, an awareness
      of one’s own frailties and imperfections, crops up time and again in Cohen’s
      lyrics. In ‘Anthem’ (1992), the notion of the ‘perfect offering’ (the Biblically
      sanctioned sacrifice to God) is spurned in favour of the ‘crack in everything —
      that’s how the light gets in.’ Nothing good (or enlightening) is possible without
      flaws or fractures. In ‘Come Healing’, from his most recent album Old Ideas
      (2012), brokenness is specifically equated with the splinters of Christ’s cross.
      What is paramount is Cohen’s awareness of the grimness of existence, and for
      many years critics sarcastically dubbed him ‘Laughing Lenny’ for the apparently
      gloomy nature of his outlook. But, it is from such fractures and splinters that
      the ‘healing of the spirit’ comes. His recent temporal crisis might have, in a very
      literal sense, been about being broke but, in spiritual terms, Cohen has always
      been broken. Brokenness is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to allow
      something else to happen.
      Ring the bells that still can ring,
      forget your perfect offering,
      there is a crack in everything,
      that's how the light gets in.
      ~ Leonard Cohen

      To Those Who Need Us The Most
      And sometimes I can breathe again
      and set everything aright,
      this unbreakable knowing that
      all is not light that can be classified,
      sorted or arranged into reasonable or sane.
      And sometimes you can breathe again
      and help me know the knowing that
      sorrow sometimes disguises as cold
      and lonely nights.
      And always something is breathing us.
      And always something is giving us away
      to those who need us the most.
      Vicki Woodyard

      What Is Beyond Me Sustains Me
      What is beyond me sustains me. That is spirituality in a nutshell. This personal
      life we all try to improve upon is sustained by what is out of our reach. Why?
      Because wholeness is what and who we are. No one has succeeded in outdoing God!
      It is only a misguided belief in myself that wrecks the smoothly sailing ship of
      What Is.
      My ship hit the iceberg of cancer twice. I have tried to improve on my
      circumstances for many years. SOS. SOS. Save oneself. Save oneself! We do
      that by surrendering to what is. We become buoyant and float on the stream of
      I have lived most of my life now. The lies have been knocked out from under me
      one by one. The pillars of my perfection are weakening. One day I will become
      the beyond itself. Perhaps I already am.
      Vicki Woodyard
      Author, Life With A Hole In It