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4768#4768, Sunday, November 25, 2012

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  • Mark
    Nov 25, 2012
      Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      Nonduality Highlights Issue #4768, Sunday, November 25, 2012

      Nothing stands in the way of your liberation and it can happen here and now, but for your being more interested in other things. And you cannot fight with your interests. You must go with them, see through them and watch them reveal themselves as mere errors of judgments and appreciation.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj from I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to AlongTheWay

      Leave your existence to existence, stop caring for yourself so much and let the universe care for you; it is the best mother. There has to be some trust, not just belief, because trust is intimate... something lets go to this invitation to stop holding yourself and let's go to existence instead. The very letting go will be observed in your presence.

      - Mooji, posted to AlongTheWay

      The purpose of Buddhist practice is not to 'renounce' our families or community, but to shed habits of self-protective clinging that prevent us from loving them more unconditionally, powerfully, enjoyably.

      ~ Lama John Mandansky, posted to DailyDharma

      Nasrudin was telling one of his incredible stories.
      "We do not believe you," said the listeners.
      "I do not believe myself," said the Mullah,
      ". . . but try telling that in a story . . ."

      - posted to Nasrudin