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4746#4746 - Thursday, November 1, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    Nov 1, 2012

      #4746 - Thursday, November 1, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Sixty-six times have these eyes beheld
      the changing scenes of autumn
      I have said enough about moonlight,
      Ask no more.
      Only listen to the voice of pines and cedars
      when no wind stirs.

      Meet your own self.  Be with your own self,
      listen to it, obey it, cherish it, keep it in
      mind ceaselessly.  You need no other guide. 
      As long as your urge for truth affects your
      daily life, all is well  with  you.  Live your
      life without hurting anybody.  Harmlessness
      is a most powerful form of Yoga and it will
      take you speedily to your goal.  This is what
      I call nisarga yoga, the Natural yoga.  It is
      the art of living in peace and harmony, in
      friendliness and love.  The fruit of it is
      happiness, uncaused and endless.
      ~Nisargadatta Maharaj
      via Along The Way

      Self is what you are, You are That
      Fathomlessness in which experience and concepts appear.
      Self is the Moment which has no coming or going.
      It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness.
      It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself.
      Self is what gives breath to life,
      you need not search for It, It is Here.
      You are That through which you would search.
      You are what you are looking for!
      And That is all it is.
      Only Self is.
      via Along The Way

      The most important part of the practice is for the question to remain alive and
      for your whole body and mind to become a question. In Zen they say that you
      have to ask with the pores of your skin and the marrow of your bones. A Zen
      saying points out: Great questioning, great awakening; little questioning, little
      awakening; no questioning, no awakening.
      ~Martine Batchelor

      photo by Peter Shefler
      Every time I open my eyes
      I invite the world to take shape
      And every time the world takes shape
      I'm invited to open my eyes
      And see the world raw and naked
      Holding out its hand
      Calling me into it's self
      Where I am taken into the Transparency of things
      and find myself transparent then
      Standing on the edge looking down
      And in to the dark silent pool
      in which the world is cradled
      And I am cradled there, held with all things
      And hold all things in myself
      Myself, not a thing in the world but This -here-Seeing
      In which the world opens, inviting and offering itself
      And every time it is seen- It dies
      And in dying, holds out its hand again
      Asking to be taken in
      And every time I take it in
      I too die
      And in dying -am known
      As This Here - Seeing
      ~Rupert Spira

      Ram Dass  Fierce Grace  Full Movie (2001)