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4711#4711 - Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    Sep 20, 2012

      #4711 - Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/



      Assorted links and illusions in this issue featuring Mike, Maurizio, M, Stephen, Avaiya, and Cameron. Whew.


      In my view, 'off the grid'
      is getting more crowded than the grid itself.
      My advice is to move to the grid,
      buy property on the grid,
      and live baby live!

      -Mike Himelstein



      Concerning life on the grid, Maurizio and Zaya, organizers of the Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND), lost their home to a fire. They write in the recent SAND newsletter:

      Spiritual maturity is being ready to let go everything. Giving up is a first step, but real giving-up is the insight that there's nothing to be given up, since nothing is your property.
      ~ Nisargadatta

      Eight days ago our neighbor called and left us a message “You house is on fire.” Driving back to our home we could see the smoke from a distance and feel our hearts beating faster and faster… 6 fire trucks and 20 firefighters were fighting the power of the fire. We just sat on the side of the road and watched… It felt like a dream, surreal and yet very real because of all the smells and sounds… There was nothing we could do or not do…

      For few days we were both expecting to wake up from this dream but even that hope soon faded, emotions of fear, sadness, despair, laughter, optimism came and went away and a feeling of complete surrender and a sense of aliveness came to being.

      It has been a dramatic experience at times but there has been no drama, no story, no regret or desire to have things different then what they are...

      Life goes on in it's impermanence and we do what we have to do. Having no possessions has been truly refreshing. The house was a beautiful SAND painting that blew in the wind and we'll do it again with the same joy and the same commitment as we did before... Our office is still functional and all “our” work has survived...

      We have the joy to be able to share this story with you and if we look away from the computer the sun in shining, birds are singing, the wind is blowing and there is true sense of freedom in not having any desire or need for anything to be different from what is...

      Isn't life marvelous???

      Love, Maurizio & Zaya

      ~ ~ ~
      Read the entire newsletter here and go to one of the SAND conferences!

      Fourteen, fifteen years ago, when I was building http://nonduality.com and innovating a nonduality for the people -- whose spirit would be replicated by many over the years in the forms of websites, conferences, forums, and gatherings -- I  would spend hours putting up web pages for people. How many of you remember M? His pages are at http://nonduality.com/m.htm. M recently contacted me with some new writings to upload to his pages. Here's a sample:
      Markandeya Gita
      4. I have a dear brother in Shiva who lives in Connecticut. Some years ago we were on the topic of shaktipata--the descent of divine grace--and he remarked that it was similar to a cat with its caretaker. He went on to to say that "If a cat can't get his caretaker to give him a pat on the head, the cat will take it from him."
      I have found this to be true. My cat often comes up to me and, if I don't give her the attention she wants at that very moment, she will simply begin rubbing her head on my hand, my shinbone, or whatever she can put her face against.
      Shaktipat is like this. The great sage Baba Muktananda once narrated a story of four men who came into his room. He knew someone was going to receive shaktipat because he could feel it moving within him. Now, these four men were all at various levels of understanding. Baba went on to say that the man that one would think was the most qualified to receive shaktipat continued to just stand there, whilst the one that seemed the least qualified began to have spontaneous kriyas (movements). Like all great beings, Baba marveled at the play of Consciousness; the one that seemed least likely to receive shaktipat was the one that received it!
      O seekers of Truth, go before Shri Guru with a purified mind. Let go of all assumptions, ideas, judgements, and expectations about what is supposed to happen. Bring not the cares of your daily life with you before Shri Guru. Do not bring your intellect before Shri Guru. Intellect is inferior to intuition and is but another form of ego. Come with an empty mind that is one pointed with devotion. Like the cat, you must go before Shri Guru and brush your heart against his holy feet. With a purified mind and heart full of love, take what is yours.

      Dear Friends
      This is to let you know of a new departure, for me at least: I am doing a webinar through the Open Center in New York. That is a live 2-hour seminar open to anyone anywhere, just plug into it through your computer – so you can all have a front seat at it, from the comfort of your own home!
      The topic is Unlimited Compassion: the spiritual life and work of Ibn ‘Arabi  and it will be an illustrated slideshow with pictures of Andalusia etc.
      Date: Saturday 13 October
      Time: 1-3pm EDT (which I think means 5-7pm GMT or 6-8pm in the UK because of summertime)
      This is part of a series – the second will be done by Jane Carroll on Sunday November 4 (1-3pm EST)
      Book for both and you get a discount!
      Hope to see/hear some of you there...
      Very best wishes
      Stephen Hirtenstein
      Anqa Publishing
      P.O.Box 1178
      Oxford, OX2 8YS


      AVAIYA, creators of positively uplifting films, is currently creating the new film,  The Oneness Revolution.

      The Oneness Revolution is the film that shares insights & stories from several of today’s top spiritual organizations & individuals leading humanity to a world of inclusivity and  mutual respect for all.

      Featuring organizations like, Centers for Spiritual Living, Reconciling Ministries Network, Unity Church, Unitarian Universalists along with quantum physicists, Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami, Stuart Hameroff & Will Arntz from What The Bleep and supporters like James Twyman from The Moses Code, Marci Shimoff & Joe Vitale from The Secret,  and many others.

      The Oneness Revolution is sure to support everyONE in opening our eyes to creating a world that works for everyone.




      Highlights roving editor and long time partner in nondual crime Dustin LindenSmith has informed me that Cameron Reilly's new book, ebook, podcast is entitled The Three Illusions: Where Enlightenment Meets Science.

      Info is here: 


      Cameron writes:

      What are the “three illusions”?

      1. The Illusion Of Free Will.
      2. The Illusion Of Time.
      3. The Illusion Of Identity.

      Most people have a goal of being happy. Wealth, love, success, enlightenment, health – these are all goals people have with the ultimate desire of being happy. Unfortunately, happiness for most people involves a sequence of mental and emotional gymnastics that make it difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain. They achieve happiness momentarily, only to find life throws them a curveball and they lose their happiness again. They lose a job, a marriage fails, they can’t pay the bills, they get sick – and suddenly they find that they are no longer happy.

      This doesn’t have to be the case.

      This book is a guide for people who would like to be permanently happy, at peace with both yourself and the world.

      It is a small book and is supposed to be a quick read. The ideas contained in it aren’t complex and aren’t new. You will have probably heard at least some of them before. The goals of this book is to take some fundamental concepts of science and use them to develop a philosophy of life.

      I’ve done my best to avoid using scientific terminology and metaphysical or philosophical jargon. Understanding the ideas contained in this book requires no scientific training, no years spent studying ancient texts or any supernatural abilities.