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1509#1509 - Friday, August 1, 2003 - Editor: Jerry

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  • Jerry Katz
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Issue #1509 - Friday, August 1, 2003 - Editor: Jerry


      Peter Lynds
      The Absence of an Instant in Time
      The work of Peter Lynds

      Ground-breaking work in understanding of time
      Mechanics, Zeno and Hawking undergo revision
      "There's no such thing as an instant in time or present moment in nature. It's something entirely subjective that we project onto the world around us. That is, it's the outcome of brain function and consciousness."

      Addressing the age old question of the reality of time, Lynds says the absence of an instant in time underlying a dynamical physical process also illustrates that there is no such thing as a physical progression or flow of time, as without a continuous progression through definite instants over an extended interval, there can be no progression. "This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but it's exactly what's required by nature to enable time (relative interval as indicated by a clock), motion and the continuity of a physical process to be possible." Intuition also seems to suggest that if there were not a physical progression of time, the entire universe would be frozen motionless at an instant, as though stuck on pause on a motion screen. But Lynds points out, "If the universe were frozen static at such an instant, this would be a precise static instant of time - time would be a physical quantity." Consequently Lynds says that it's due to natures very exclusion of a time as a fundamental physical quantity, that time as it is measured in physics, or relative interval, and as such, motion and physical continuity are possible in the first instance.

      On the paper's cosmology content, Lynds says that it doesn't appear necessary for time to emerge or congeal out of the quantum foam and highly contorted space-time geometrys present preceding Planck scale just after the big bang, as has sometimes been hypothesized. "Continuity would be present and naturally inherent in practically all initial quantum states and configurations, rather than a specific few, or special one, regardless of how microscopic the scale."


      Lynds' plans for the near future the publication of a paper on Zeno's paradoxes by themselves in the journal Philosophy of Science, and a paper relating time to consciousness.

      The Hidden Life Source Within
      Rabbi Nachum Shifren

      "The ocean, according to the Kabbalah, is derived from the highest spiritual source. It represents an absolute unity with the divine. Those individuals who merited supreme spirituality were termed "fish of the sea."

      One hot August night nearly twenty years ago, my friend and mentor, Lifeguard Lt. Thomas Zahn, called suggesting we take a predawn paddle to avoid the "heat." At 4:30 in the morning the water at the Santa Monica Pier sparkled under a bright summer moon. I recall a moment before sunrise, smelling the off-shore eucalyptus breeze out of the Santa Monica Canyon and watching Tom readjust his chin on the board. He squinted toward me and in a hushed tone, lest he disturb the water, said, "It's like a life force, isn't it?"

      Years later, after much investigation, I managed to find out why Tom perceived this vitality and why the surfer "feels" different. I found some of the answers in the holy Zohar - an esoteric work of the great mystic Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, of blessed memory. The ocean, according to the Kabbalah, is derived from the highest spiritual source. It represents an absolute unity with the Divine. Those individuals who merited supreme spirituality were termed "fish of the sea." Because of the all-pervasive quality of water in enveloping "created beings" therein, these "fish" never know anything other than the secrets of the universe, residing as they do in a "world of unity" as opposed to land beings who dwell in a "world of separation."

      Does this sound familiar? This world of separation, being cut off from the life force symbolized by the ocean, seems to plague many of those seemingly "landlocked" individuals, yet they appear to be oblivious to this mystical world the surfer takes for granted.

      What's the bottom line? You paddle out and you feel your world change the second your feet leave land. This transformation takes place for many of us on a subliminal level at least, yet regardless of our backgrounds or personal beliefs, we all share this aspect of divine life force as is evidenced by the proverbial "aloha" spirit shared by surfers the world over. The wondrous details of this relationship will be expounded upon at the next opportunity, G-d willing.

      Praising God - Mary Borshardt  (from RobertsTheology Live Journal)

      I Am list
      Question: If `I' also is an illusion, who then casts off the illusion?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: The `I' casts off the illusion of `I' and yet
      remains as `I'. Such is the paradox of Self-realization. The realized
      do not see any contradiction in it. Take the case of Bhakti. I
      approach Iswara and pray to be absorbed in Him. I then surrender
      myself with faith and concentrate on Him. What remains afterwards? In
      place of the original `I'. perfect self-surrender leaves a residuum
      of God in which `I' is lost. This is the highest form of devotion
      (parabhakti) and surrender and the height of Vairagya (non-

      You give up this and that of `my' possessions. If you give up `I'
      and `mine' instead, all are given up at a stroke. The very seed of
      possession is lost. Thus the evil is nipped in the bud or crushed in
      the germ itself. Dispassion (Vairagya) must be very strong to do
      this. Eagerness to do it must be equal to that of a man kept under
      water trying to rise up to the surface for his life.

      Hari Aum !!!

      "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
      Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
      Neat thing was he discovered the laws for that persistancy...
      Playing within those laws benevolently is happily illusive,
      playing around with them maliciously is tragically delusional.
      Wim, Interesting thought. Linda
      I think that thought (I edited it a bit) might even be good
      enough for the NDS hightlights. ;-)))

      Superfluous matter
      “what if’s” - devour...
      stifle presence
      covet its show -
      moments as they are
      devoid much cover,
      basking calm.

      Take me to this
      place of rest...
      waited invitation of
      come as you are -
      naked - whole
      mindless strength,
      liquid beauty.

      ~ Calla Visage
      (Live Journal)

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