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1334Wednesday, January 29, 2003

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  • Jerry Katz
    Jan 30, 2003

      Whirligig Geyser, Blue Springs, Porcelain
      We sit in the midst of a miracle,
      with nothing more to do than observe it.
      Obligations are self imposed ...
      --Richard J. Oddo

      Issue #1334 - Wednesday, January 29, 2003 - Editor: Jerry

      Nasrudin list
      of this I am sure . . .

      To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable,  but to be certain is to be

      --Chinese proverb

      from The Other Syntax
      I personally like the ultimate freedom of being unknown. No one knows
      me with steadfast certainty.

      Carlos Castaneda

      I Am list
      M : Unbroken "I" 'I' is the boundless Ocean ; the 'I' thought is a
      bubble on it and is called jiva or individual.  The bubble too is
      water.  When it bursts, it mixes with the ocean.  When it remains a
      bubble it is still part of the ocean. 

      even the last drop
      wine dried in empty glass
      reveals his splendour

      from Being One
      "All paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope
      of knowledge. Therefore, paths and movements cannot transport
      you into Reality, because their function is to enmesh you within
      the dimension of knowledge, while the Reality prevails prior to it".

      -- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
      from 'The Ultimate Medicine'

      Al Larus
      Documents and bills,
      speeches on TV,
      sutras and cheap thrills, 
      all I see is the same string,
      there never even was a fusion.
      I will pull the string too
      and watch a Punch and Judy argument
      in the marvellous distribution;
      To remove these frames and forms,
      we can shut down the transmission.
      Then in the intermission,
      tune in to listen.

      Gene Poole
      Greetings, All...

      I stumbled upon this paper:


      Which is a revised version of the 'afterword' of a book called
      'True Names', one of my all-time favorite books, ever.

      The author is a high-powered brain-guy who is a prof at MIT;
      his specialty is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

      I am interested in your comments...

      Nonduality and Anime:
      Contributions invited.