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1091Saturday, June 1, 2002

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  • John Metzger
    Jun 2, 2002
      HarshaSatsangh   photo by Jacques De Schryver        
      Title: Mother and child at the doughnuts shop

      Issue #1091   Saturday, June 1, 2002   Edited by John Metzger

      NDS   Jan B.                                    the show of sunset
      infinite its hues and shades
      rising once a day
      in a single frame of mind
      out of nature's oldest hat

      NDS   Vicki Woodyard
      Nurturing the Now
      The mind is a place of division and can never contain paradox.

      What is beyond me sustains me.

      When Christ was hanging on the cross, he said to one of the two
      thieves, "This day you shall be with Me in paradise."

      He could just as well have said, "This day you shall be with Me

      It is where Rumi lived...."I've lived too long where I can be

      True teachers always point us to this location.

      There are many fingers pointing to paradox. We latch onto the
      and start calling them fingerji or finger-san.

      It would be silly if it weren't so serious.

      Attachment [glee chris.htm]  Gloria and Christiana say, "Help,
      we've fallen into cyberspace and can't get out."

      Avatar Adi Da Samraj


      True Religion is the practice of consistently (and, Ultimately, Permanently) moving out of the disposition, and the presumption, and the very activity of separate and separative self, into the Love-Bliss-Full Condition of Oneness with That Which Is One, Whole, Absolute, All-Inclusive, and Beyond.
      —Avatar Adi Da Samraj



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