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1057Tuesday, April 30, 2002

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  • Michael Read
    May 1, 2002

      The Nondual Highlights
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      Highlights Issue #1057

      Tuesday, April 30, 2002

      Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
      Michael Read

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      Mace Mealer
      If one likes what one reads here
      one is trapped by the attachment of attraction.
      If one does not like what one reads here
      one is trapped by the attachment of aversion.
      Why seek wonder in words like non duality?
      When the real question and answer is:
      "Who's on first?"

      --- In TheEndOfTheRopeRanch@y..., Judi Rhodes  wrote:
      It's really all very simple once you see it,
      when you see what you've been doing. Suffering or "un-enlightenment"
      is "self" created. You're creating it yourself, more commonly known as
      your "self"! Bring that sucker up on the carpet and see what he's up to,
      and there you will have it! The culprit!

      --- In TheEndOfTheRopeRanch@y..., Judi Rhodes  wrote:
      {Jim Dreaver}
      If it isn't obvious by now, the `thing' that has most interested me,
      and that has been at the heart of my work for the past twenty years, is
      enlightenment, or the awakening to inner freedom.

      Many people mistakenly think of enlightenment as some idealized,
      saint-like state where the enlightened one is always smiling, lives in perpetual
      bliss, and beams radiant, compassionate energy to all who come into
      his or her energy field.

      Enlightenment, or awakening, simply means the end of suffering. That
      is, no more personal angst, worry, conflict, or inner struggle. That's how
      the Buddha defined it, that is how Jean Klein, my teacher defined it. He
      also made it clear that once the suffering goes, clarity reigns supreme,
      and you always feel deeply at peace within, regardless of what is going on
      around you. I can testify to that.

      How, then, do we awaken? By seeing that the `person' we have taken
      ourselves to be isn't real. In the seeing--and enlightenment is above
      all a shift in perception--the attachment to, or identification with,
      thoughts centered around `I,' `me,' and `mine' falls away, Our head clears, our
      body relaxes, our heart opens. Thinking then becomes available as the
      extraordinary creative tool that it is.

      Those who are awake do not suffer because they do not take themselves
      to be anybody. They do not hold onto any ideas or images or `self,' and so
      there is no resistance to what is happening. When there is no resistance to
      what is, there is no suffering. How can there be.

      So, you can be awake and free and, if you are living in the world as a
      householder, you will still have problems to deal with around
      children, work, money, duties, responsibilities, and time management. However,
      none of it is a big deal anymore. There is no longer any `you' making a big
      deal about anything. You--not the `ego' you, but you as consciousness, as
      an expression of universal awareness--just take care of business as it

      So, if you are still experiencing suffering, I have two questions for

      1) What beliefs, images, expectations, judgments are you holding onto

      2) If you let go of your story, of all beliefs and concepts about who
      you are, then who or what are you?

      Once you intuit the answers to those questions, you will be free.

      © J. Dreaver, April, 2002

      --- In TheWayStation@y..., Judi Rhodes wrote:
      Gregory Goode wrote:
      > This really is Jean Klein's
      teaching.  The person is not the center
      of sentience or awareness.  Rather, the person is an appearing
      object.  The person, the ego, the mind, the world - they merely
      APPEAR.  They appear  to that which never suffers, is never absent,
      which never resists, which is clarity itself.  The contraction of
      thoughts, feelings and sensations that appear to make the "me" a real
      thing -- these melt way peacefully, without even a goodbye kiss. 
      Then a deep peace is felt,
      way beyond the level of the person.  Evven as the person is sick or
      dying, the deep peace is felt.

      *** Nice Greg.

      Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
      away above the chimney tops,
      that's where you'll find me...



      --- In Yearning@y..., "lastrainhome" wrote:

      When I was 24, I asked Christ to show himself to me.
      I laid on the couch and said, "Jesus....If you are
      alive........please contact me".
      I said that about a hundred times.......................nothing

      I went to bed, and before falling asleep, I started moving through
      beautiful white clouds.
      After traveling a great distance, I came to an amphitheater in the
      sky........way down below was a tiny figure.....dressed in a brown
      robe......He was reading a book..............I flew down where He
      was............and he smiled at me.......

      I now know that it was my own face ....... just waiting for an

      Hide and seek.......seek and find......

      The seeker creates its own fulfillment.

      It is a closed loop....and It contains everything.

      The seeker will not be content until it finds the sought.

      Your tail is now chasing you.

      If you manage to catch your tail......there will be a reversal of the
      Big Bang.

      You are in the end-game

      The tiger tenses.

      Tell your loved ones how much you love them............

      Kiss your ass good-by.

      Love Michael

      --- In Yearning@y..., "mountainashe" wrote:

      being to timelessness as it's to time,
      love did no more begin than love will end;
      where nothing is to breathe to stroll to swim
      love is the air the ocean and the land

      love is the voice under all silences,
      the hope which has no opposite in fear;
      the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:
      the truth more first than sun more last than star

      -do lovers love?why then to heaven with hell.
      Whatever sages say and fools, all's well

      e e cummings

      --- In Yearning@y..., "lastrainhome" wrote:

      Sometimes, on my weekly visit, I would bring Bill and his wife fish
      dinners from the little seafood retaurant down the block.
      He would always be pleased and say how much he loved their fried cod.
      The main recipient of the fish was his old cat, named Pick.
      Pick would sit on the old orange footstool
      next to the avacado colored chair.
      He would wait patiently as the bite sized pieces were offered.

      Bills cancer was complicated by several strokes which left him unable
      to move.
      He would lay on his back and follow your movements with his right eye.

      Pick, who was aloof the everyone else, would sit by his side.

      As the disease progressed, Pick would lay on Bills chest and purr.

      Sometimes Bills arms would tremor and Pick would lay there......eyes
      half closed.....purring.

      The hospice nurse would arrive.....shoo Pick away........He would
      wait until her car left and return to Bills chest.

      I wasn't there when he died but his wife told me that Pick had laid
      on Bills forehead head......purring.
      He left only when Bills breath left.

      Bills wife was also quite ill.

      She went to a convalescent hospital.

      I drove around the block for several weeks.......looking for
      Pick.....I never saw him again.

      Every once in a while, I think how comforting
      it must have been for Bill to have the warmth of that old
      cat.........purring.....so close.

      I never liked cats..........until I met Pick.


      Krazy Kat
      George Herriman's Krazy Kat
      from the page:

      For ostracized though he may be, Krazy has good reason for wishing to maintain his position as the official Other of Coconino County; it gives him license to shift roles at necessity and at whim, he has freedom in his changeable identity. This freedom results from Herriman's understanding that identity is constructed through the continual misrecognition of political, social, and discursive parameters for natural constraints on subjectivity. The destabilized identity of Krazy suggests the possibility of a new, less fixed and more liberated kind of subject. Herriman could not explicitly describe such a subject, but suggested it with the naive inscrutability of the Kat, writing in 1917 to ... be not harsh with "Krazy" -- He is but a shadow himself, caught in the web of this mortal skein. We call him "cat", We call him "crazy", Yet he is neither. At some time he will ride away to you, people of the twilight. His password will be the echoes of a vesper bell, his coach a zephyr from the West -- Forgive him, for you will understand him no better than we who linger on this side of the pale.