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FWD: [Free Admission Coupon] 2012 Alabama Homeschool Expo

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  • Jennifer Brooker
    Just passing this along.. received it today. It has a link and coupon code for free admission at the bottom. - Jennifer ___________________________________ Hi,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2011
      Just passing this along.. received it today. It has a link and coupon code for free admission at the bottom. - Jennifer


      We’re writing to give you advance notice about 2012 – and bringing you,

      BIG CHANGES to the Alabama Homeschool Expo! Dinah Zike is Coming!

      1. LOCATION! At The Montgomery Convention Center.  A very user friendly place for a homeschool convention!  

      2. DATES!  June 28-30, 2012 - Hear what’s new in homeschooling! Attend informative and inspiring educational workshops, get new ideas, purchase learning materials and curriculum.  Make connections with other homeschool families at a convenient, relaxed time of the year. Remember, homeschoolers who attend conventions are better connected and have more success in homeschooling.

      3. Featuring DINAH ZIKE – Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the one and only DINAH!  She’s the originator of foldables and is the most encouraging educator you will ever meet.  Regardless of the way you homeschool, students of all ages will have more fun and learn more easily when you apply Dinah’s homeschooling secrets. Learn more about all our speakers…

      We’re a BIG homeschool family ourselves, and we’re dedicated to helping and encouraging homeschool families through a large scale, impactful, once a year event.  Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, the Homeschool Expo has something for parents of all age’s children.  Learn more…

      Learn HOW to Homeschool –Workshops and Panel Discussions for Dads and Moms – Early Childhood Education – Difficult to Teach Children – Better and More Interesting Learning – Educating for the Future Technology – Graduation and Beyond College Fair and more!  Learn more…

      KidsZone – Ages 4-12 can attend this optional child sized learning conference Learn more…

      Teen Track – Ages 13-18 participate with other homeschool teens in a once a year variety of teen focused workshops from worldviews to education to working. Learn more…

      Trying to Encourage a Friend to Homeschool? – Bring them along with you to Homeschooling for Excellence 101.  This not just for novices, homeschool seminar before the Expo opens is a place where parents can explore, learn, and get their questions answered without any pressure to join in.  If you already homeschool and attend with your friend, we guarantee you won’t be bored.  Even seasoned homeschoolers enjoy and learn much need info on this special day. Learn more…

      FREE Admission Coupon Code Details (Hurry! This coupon expires Dec. 15th):

      For a free Individual Expo ticket go to http://www.alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/event-registration/?ee=31 and enter “GroupsFree112811” in the “Enter Promotional/Discount Code:” field.
      For a free Husband & Wife ticket go to: http://www.alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/event-registration/?ee=32 and enter “GroupsFree112811” in the “Enter Promotional/Discount Code:” field.
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