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108Forensic Science for High School Course - Fall 2011 Now Enrolling!

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  • aav4yt
    Aug 18, 2011
      The course is completely self-contained as a web-based course and its content is as described by the Alabama Dept. of Education and counts as an elective science for 1 credit.
      Course attributes:
      • Tested & proven effective (taught in classroom, online, and in home-school environments)
      • Interactive teaching modules with self-contained lessons, assignments and tests
      • Supports ACT/SAT preparation
      • An optional 4-hr crime scene/lab at the end of each semester held in Shelby Co (possibly additional sites, depending on enrollment)
      Teacher advantage:
      • No books
      • No testing to administer or grading
      • No time required of the teacher other than oversight
      The course designer & teacher is a product of:
      • 34 years experience in law enforcement/crime scene
      • 14 years experience as a teacher (home-school, private, public)
      • A certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

      For more details contact info@...