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  • Thanks Tom! I'll look into it. If I recall Keith Everett and Herman Darr to a two part series on Chicago Park; I just need to locate the magazines... Aaron
    aaronsplawn@... Sep 10
  • Greetings all! Anyone have, or know of a source for, good pictures of the Chicago Park Fruit Packing Shed as it was during the later years of the railroad? Most pictures feature the depot, or tank and the fruit shed is only partially visible. Thank you... Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca)
    aaronsplawn@... Sep 6
  • Someone just sent this to me. Anyone have any other details? http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/kenneth-yeo-obituary?pid=1000000186209241
    aaronsplawn@... Jul 28
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  • BTW, I added a photo in the files section titled Aaron's Hon3. Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca)
    aaronsplawn@... Jul 24
  • All, Last week I purchased a small brass whaleback tender off eBay. I thought it was one of the old PSC/Kemtron Nevada County Narrow Gauge #8 whaleback tenders I've been searching for; however, when it arrived I discovered its the larger SPNG version. So, I've decided to re-list it for sale. I'd like $145.00+shipping, which was the next lowest bid on it. Hopefully that bidder is on...
    aaronsplawn@... Jul 24
  • Clifford, Thanks for doing these! Any pics? What does the modified version look like? Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca)
    aaronsplawn@... Jan 14
  • Hi Clifford, Thank you for expressing interest in doing more NCNG. Your products have always been nice and another option would be great, especially since many people like building in wood. I'm only aware of Herman's drawings. He has a large selection of NCNG drawings, including the caboose, loco's, boxcars, gondolas etc and are still available. He lives in Colfax just up the road...
    aaronsplawn@... Dec 14, 2013
  • I've been bugging Neil at Myner Models for the last few months to do a model of the NCNG caboose #1 through Shapeways. The wait is over... Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca) https://www.shapeways.com/model/1359816/nevada-county-ngrr-caboose-hon3.html?li=search-results&materialId=6
    aaronsplawn@... Dec 12, 2013
  • Both came out looking very nice! Very inspirational... Thank you for sharing... Aaron --- In NCNGRR@^$1, "empirita" wrote: > > I used Herman Darr's plan for the CP depot as a starting point and then used several photos to produce final building plans. > > The Grass Valley depot is around 150 scale feet long including the passenger passage. Yes, I made plans for the building...
    Aaron Jun 8, 2012
  • Wow! Both of those depots look awesome! They are both exactly what I have in mind to build. Did you use Herman's plans for Chicago Park? The Grass Valley depot looks pretty big. Did you draw plans for it? What are the dimensions? I'm likely going to need to do a smaller version, or use the Sierra West Models version as Tom suggested. Thanks for sharing, Aaron --- In NCNGRR@^$1...
    Aaron Jun 4, 2012