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  • Hi Clifford, Thank you for expressing interest in doing more NCNG. Your products have always been nice and another option would be great, especially since many people like building in wood. I'm only aware of Herman's drawings. He has a large selection of NCNG drawings, including the caboose, loco's, boxcars, gondolas etc and are still available. He lives in Colfax just up the road...
    aaronsplawn@... Dec 14, 2013
  • I've been bugging Neil at Myner Models for the last few months to do a model of the NCNG caboose #1 through Shapeways. The wait is over... Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca) https://www.shapeways.com/model/1359816/nevada-county-ngrr-caboose-hon3.html?li=search-results&materialId=6
    aaronsplawn@... Dec 12, 2013
  • Both came out looking very nice! Very inspirational... Thank you for sharing... Aaron --- In NCNGRR@^$1, "empirita" wrote: > > I used Herman Darr's plan for the CP depot as a starting point and then used several photos to produce final building plans. > > The Grass Valley depot is around 150 scale feet long including the passenger passage. Yes, I made plans for the building...
    Aaron Jun 8, 2012
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  • Wow! Both of those depots look awesome! They are both exactly what I have in mind to build. Did you use Herman's plans for Chicago Park? The Grass Valley depot looks pretty big. Did you draw plans for it? What are the dimensions? I'm likely going to need to do a smaller version, or use the Sierra West Models version as Tom suggested. Thanks for sharing, Aaron --- In NCNGRR@^$1...
    Aaron Jun 4, 2012
  • Jim, Alan, and Steve, Thanks for the responses! Steven's Creek's little depot looks very nice, and I hope I can get my hands on one once RS Laser does a re-print. It's actually a model of the original depot which was at Chicago Park's first location along the original line. The good news is after the main line re-location, this depot was moved to Peardale and used as maint of way...
    Aaron Jun 2, 2012
  • Greetings all! I'm getting ready to start a small NCNG layout project in Hon3. It will be similar to Bill Iwan's "My Narrow Gauge Circle"; however, I've drawn it to feature Chicago Park on one side and Grass Valley on the other. I have a few NCNG pieces of rolling stock, including the #9, Standard Oil tank cars, and an awesome Swayne Plow built by Andrew Brandon, but I was curious...
    Aaron May 29, 2012
  • Glad to have you on board with us. Do you still live in the area??? Take care, Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca) --- In NCNGRR@^$1, RAYMOND GLISSMAN wrote: > > Hi: > My name is R. LeRoy Glissman. At one time I lived on Maryland Dr. in Grass Valley. Our property ran up next to the right of way, just around the corner from the turn table. > > When I am in GrassValley next time, I plan to...
    aaronsplawn Nov 13, 2009
  • Hi Brandon and all, I'm still around. I've just been taking a short hyatus from modeling and quietly watching posts. Most of my time lately is consumed with PTA and T-ball... :) Thanks for giving us the low-down on the new Micro Trains car, but what color was the prototype? Take care, Aaron --- In NCNGRR@^$1, Andrew Brandon wrote: > > Aaron, > > That was an interesting catch I had...
    aaronsplawn Mar 9, 2009
  • For those who haven't already seen it, Micro Trains just released a Nevada County RTR flat car in Hon3. It's nice to see a manufacturer taking some interest in the NCNG... Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca.)
    aaronsplawn Mar 8, 2009
  • Thanks for sharing these great photos. The old Ford was the perfect touch!!! Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca.) --- In NCNGRR@^$1, "gauge18rr" wrote: > > Hi there, > I just uploaded 7 photos I took in or near Chicago Park. If you need hi res, let me know I I > will send them via personal email. > Enjoy > O. >
    aaronsplawn Jul 7, 2008