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  • John Christensen
    Hi Curtis, Thanks for the feedback. I expect to see Argent Lumber Co. #5 steamed up next year. Just a guess but probably around May 18-20 which is when I plan
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 11, 2001
      Hi Curtis,
      Thanks for the feedback. I expect to see Argent Lumber Co. #5 steamed up
      next year. Just a guess but probably around May 18-20 which is when I plan
      to have the official opening of the Transportation Museum in Nevada City.
      The construction is expected to be completed by December 20th but we will
      need the winter months to get our displays together inside the depot/museum
      building. May 20th is the anniversary of the NCNGRR which opened in 1876.

      The Northern Queen is already dragging rail down from our site so they can
      begin construction of 900 ft. of 3 ft gauge track up to the property line of
      the museum site. If we can put in another 3-400 ft in by opening day maybe
      the NQI will run the Argent engine up to the museum on opening day. I hope
      so but again there is a lot to do in a short time. Do you know any Gandy
      Dancers who might want to come up on a weekend and help?
      That enough speculation for now. See you when you get back up here.
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      From: Curtis S. Ferrington <Thime@...>
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      > John,
      > I'll certainly take you up on that offer to pull a bearing. In
      > theory it should have the same external dimentions as a brass from
      > the 10ton journal box, but fitted to a smaller diameter of axle. It
      > would certainly give the final pieces of the 8ton vs. 10ton journal
      > mystery. Remind me to bring Wasp killer thoe. I stuck my head under
      > the tender to look at the bolster castings and made the mistake of
      > looking up. Five wasps were sitting on a nest less than 4 inches
      > from my face and giving me the evil eye(s). Next thing I can
      > remember is standing several feet away from the tender, I'm suprised
      > no one heared me break the sound barrier from moving that fast.
      > It'll be a couple of weeks before I can make it back up. I have
      > Tuesday off right now and next tuesday I'm going to Fresno to talk to
      > a minature steam train manufacturer about a job. The following
      > Tuesday is going to be spent up in Jamestown taking measuremnts of
      > the Sierra RR #3's boiler to make 3D CAD drawings for the FRA Form-4.
      > ---
      > It would be great to see the #5 turned over to the city! Pehaps
      > there is yet a chance of a Glenbrook & Tahoe double-headder. Or a
      > tipple-headder with the Eureka in the lead. :-D The next Sacramento
      > Railfair is only 10 years away!
      > If that does happen I'd volunteer my time & drafting services for
      > sure. I'd probably make the patterns for new crosshead pumps myself.
      > ---
      > To be honest I was really amazed at the setup at the current site.
      > Very well organized and the attention to detail on the restored cars
      > was great. That new museum and shop building are going to be a great
      > boon to the work you guys are doing.
      > Also, the sheer variety of cars really caught me off guard. I knew
      > there was a variety, but you have a lot of variety. There's trucks
      > laying around that I would normally have to take a trip to Laws or
      > Carson City to take measuremnts of.
      > ---
      > Ken was telling me that the little 0-4-0 on the motels' property is
      > having staybolt problems, I've started looking for a copper boiler
      > person to assist.
      > Also, how often does that 2-6-2 run? Ken said it hasn't been worked
      > for quite a while despite being in operable condition.
      > I just can't stand seeing operable engines rusting into disrepair.
      > Cheers,
      > Curtis
      > --- In NCNGRR@y..., "John Christensen" <NCNGRR@O...> wrote:
      > > Hi Curtis,
      > > Glad you were able to make it out to our rail site. Yes Engine #5
      > is a mess!
      > > I still have plans to restore her to her original condition though.
      > Through
      > > my contacts at Universal Studios I plan to make another attempt at
      > having
      > > the engine donated to us or rather to the City of Nevada City.
      > Since the new
      > > museum property belongs to Nevada City and the engine goes to
      > Nevada City
      > > I'm told there is funding available to totally restore her. This
      > means a new
      > > boiler and tender tank at the least.
      > > Interesting info on the tender trucks. Next time you come up I'll
      > try to be
      > > there to help you jack up the tender to get one of the brass's out
      > for you.
      > >
      > > Best, John
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