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egroups Switch to Yahoo - not that big a deal

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  • Harry Marnell
    List MEMBERS: Don t everybody get all sick and nervous about the completion of Goliath (Yahoo) whoppin poor David (egroups). Here s what they say: eGroups
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2001
      List MEMBERS:

      Don't everybody get all sick and nervous about the "completion" of Goliath
      (Yahoo) whoppin' poor David (egroups). Here's what they say:

      eGroups will now be called Yahoo! Groups. Don't worry, all eGroups email and
      web addresses will continue to work, all data and event ownership will be
      maintained, and your entire group membership will carry over.

      Everything you love about eGroups will still be around. Yahoo! Groups will
      continue to be a free service, and all the main features you use now will
      continue to be a part of the new Groups service.

      Group "owners" have to do a simple conversion of their groups into Yahoo.

      What's new?

      Yahoo! Groups will have lots of new features and even better customization.
      Upon launch, you will be able to:

      * Chat with other group members using our improved Yahoo! Chat
      * Add a splash of color to your group, or a main page photo, all without
      knowing HTML
      * See when group members are online and communicate with them in real time
      using Yahoo! Messenger
      * Reach a larger audience. You will have the entire Yahoo! Network at your

      The only two changes I see for members: if you want to access the FILES,
      LINKS, etc, you have to get a Yahoo account. For the whole scoop, go to
      http://beta.groups.yahoo.com/local/news.html And you may have to change
      your "inbox" filters if you use them, to direct e-groups messages to
      specific folders.

      PS - I'm mailing this to the "egroups" addresses, we'll see if it really
      still works
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