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DVD available-SPNG Twilight of Steam, Last Excursion Train to Keeler,3-22-1958

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  • Jim Blain
    Members:   On March 22,1958 , the Southern Pacific Narrow  Gauge  railroad  conducted a final  steam excursion train to Keeler CA. Using engine # 9, a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2008
      On March 22,1958 , the Southern Pacific Narrow  Gauge  railroad  conducted a final  steam excursion train to Keeler CA. Using engine # 9, a small number of rail fans were taken from Owenyo to Keeler and return .  This historic event was captured on two 8mm cameras. 
      Recovery  and bringing to life  old  8mm  movies  has been an ongong experiment  since  2007 . I began with the  resurrection  of  West Side Lumber  Co movies which were successful.   As my project for this summer ,I decided that I would offer the SPNG account to interested members. Only a handful of people witnessed  this rare scene . Today the desert has nearly reclaimed all the sites mentioned .
      The 8mm film has been professionally digitally restored to the best quality possible after 62 years of storage. The DVD is approximately 37 minutes long . It is arranged as follows with appropriate sub-titles, maps and graphics:
      * Prelude - A brief history of the SP Jawbone Branch connection with the SPNG .
      * Still and slide pictures of  Laws ,Owenyo ,Keeler and vacinity in the early days and today.
      * Digitized action scenes of the train coming  in to Keeler , switching cars and returning to
        Owenyo. For the last run ,the throttle is on the floor in several photo-runbys . Lots of 
        smoke and fire. Today ,the EPA  would have  probably arrested the fireman.  
      * Epilog of the Carson and Colorado Ry Inc. active restoration project of SPNG No.18    including the  engine under steam in 2001 ,blowing the  SP 5 chime whistle.
      * Background resource information for further study.
      Aside from the digitized movie another highlight is a set of stunning 35mm color pictures from the camera of Bill Poole on the SPNG in action between Laws and Owenyo  in 1954.
      Dennis Burke, James Saylor, Larry Kraus, David Mull and Martin Hansen made significant contributions .
      The pictures and action scenes were processed and edited using the Pinnacle Studio Plus
      system. Considerable time and effort was spent to replicate the ambient desert sounds as remembered , and those of the Baldwin 10-wheeler . Not being able to locate a good sound recording of a SP 5 chime whistle, I managed to dub in a  beautiful 3 chime and a 5 chime that has a similar sound to the SP.  Overall, more than 15 different sounds were analyzed and carefully selected for the sound track. The presentation includes a music score which ends when the action scenes begin.
      This DVD has been Peer reviewed by  representative C&C Inc. members and others and I am deeply appreciative of their time spent working over the script and content.
      For best viewing I recommend a 32 inch  TV with a good sound system. 
      The DVD is recorded in -R format at a 4X burn which has the best compatability with most DVD players .
      The cost of the DVD is   $ 23 USD plus  $2.00 for shipping .  For Canada and outside USA
      inquire . Refund available  up to 30 days after purchase if item is defective. To keep costs down I ship in a protective mailer.I recommend storing in a plastic case.
      Offer is good up to 1 Jan ,2009 . If you intend to purchase please let me know via e-mail ASAP and I will reserve copy for you. This is a great Christmas gift .
      If you are  model railroader or historian ,you will  appreciate the information presented .
      To order, send check or money order to:

      Jim Blain
      708 Pinecone Dr.
      Scotts Valley,CA 95066
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