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Re: NCNG in Trainz update / Msg to the Forum Moderator.

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  • Harry Marnell
    Mike wrote: .. ... Hi Mike, As far as I m concerned the stuff can go to the group s Files and/or Photos sections (accessible via
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      Mike wrote:
      <snipped his good stuff>..

      > Meassage to the Moderator, Would you like I post here or a sub site
      > the buildings and such, or create my own sub site for this project?
      > Some files are 2 to 3mb. I do not know the size limits for these
      > forums.

      Hi Mike,

      As far as I'm concerned the stuff can go to the group's "Files" and/or
      "Photos" sections (accessible via http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NCNGRR/
      on the left side of the page). Only problem could be the file sizes;
      we're allocated 30 MB in the Photos folder, currently using about 7 MB;
      and we get 20 MB in the Files section, which says we're currently at
      6%. - about 3 MB.

      I guess if you're looking at a more substantial amount of space, perhaps
      a dedicated site somewhere, and you can certainly announce them and link
      them from here, both with email to us and in the "Links" section, (same
      page as above).

      Or, I've been on a couple groups that, when their files/photos folders
      got full they created a "sub" yahoogroup specifically for file storage.
      Could be something like NCNGRR-Trainz@yahoogroups.com or something. The
      groups are free to set up and take only a couple minutes to configure
      however you want them (who can upload, who can post/view, etc).

      I'm easy.

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