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Re: Colfax RR display

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  • Pat Rylance
    Hi Marie, Thank you for your excellent ideas and thoughts. When I learned about the Colfax museum, which was only going to represent the Central, Southern and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2004
      Hi Marie,
      Thank you for your excellent ideas and thoughts.
      When I learned about the Colfax museum, which was only going to
      represent the Central, Southern and Union Pacific RR lines, plus the
      fact that they were going to close our crossing on Narrow Gauge Rd, I
      knew I had to get involved. That was only a few days before the 7/27
      meeting. I do not recall reading anything about the museum in the
      Colfax Record or Auburn Journal prior to that. With such short time
      involved I had to research on-line anything and everything I could
      about it and that was eventually how I found this group, which I am so
      thankful for.
      One day soon I would love to visit the Nevada City NG museum and any
      other places that involve NCNG RR. Any suggestion anyone has that
      want their concerns discussed, I will certainly bring them up at
      meetings for those who can be there to represent their own views.
      Somewhere down the road I think there will have to be a separate NCNG
      committee to make sure our concerns our addressed and met. I thought
      there already was one, but evidently not, other than this group.
      At any rate, this is only the beginning, but the NG concern has been
      addressed and this concern is not likely to go away........not if I
      have anything to do with it. This little road we travel daily has
      always been very special to me & my family. In fact there is a pond
      in front of my house that a right of way for water is written in the
      deed for the Narrow Gauge RR. This road is always a discussion when
      family & friends get together. This history here & in NC cannot be
      allowed to just fade away. With all your support and involvment it
      never will.
      Thanks everyone.

      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, Marie L Schwaegerl <marie2119@j...> wrote:
      > Hi Group,
      > I think that the Museum in Colfax is a good idea. It's a good idea to
      > show the history of the Narrow Gauge but to tell of the history of
      > how it was founded and who it was named after. I am not really sure
      > the museum would be located but, have a few thoughts. Not really sure on
      > what displays it would carry in regards to the Narrow Gauge. I think if
      > there are any photos of the fruit packing sheds in Colfax and or Chicago
      > Park that should be appropriate as there were many fruit packing sheds
      > there. There also should be a then and now photo section on the wall,
      > with maps of the line and the yards. Any thoughts on this idea or any
      > other displays for the Museum. It would be a good way to educate the
      > visitors and of course the residents of Colfax, to show them the history
      > of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge. That's the main purpose of a
      museum is
      > to educate people about history. There is the Nevada County Narrow Gauge
      > Museum in Nevada City which just opened up. There is so much wonderful
      > displays of rolling stock and artifacts, such as NCNGRR Engine #5 which
      > has been beautifully cosmetically restored. I could talk to my best
      > friend who is fully involved with the Museum in Nevada City and
      > researches the NCNGRR about what should be going in a museum in Colfax.
      > Marie
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