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  • Seth Bramson
    ... Welcome! How great to have somebody from Japan on this list. HY! Your English is wonderful. (How many on the list can communicate in Japanese, domo
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2001
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      Tadaharu Miyano wrote:
      Hello listers,
      I would to do a brief introduction about myself.
      My Name is Tadaharu Miyano, live in Japan. I have been modeling
      American narrow gauge in S scale since 1983. My narrow gauge
      intersets are from Eastern (the Maine two-footers) to Western (both Colorado and California), and California's electric railways as well.
      I have visited Southern California when I attended two RR
      conventions, narrow gauge national in Pasadena in 1987 and NMRA
      national in Long Beach in 1996, though have not been in Northern
      California. My interest in NCNG was begun when I got a copy of Best's book "Nevada County Narrow Gauge." Engine #5 is my all-time favorite since that time. Though I have been building my Sn3/Sn2 layouts am free-lanced, I built prototype models what I like or what looks good.
      Only NCNG prototype model I have is scratch-built Bucker Snow
      Plow "Cyclops" from Herman Darr's drawings. If those of you interests it I will take a few pix and post to shared file area.
      Sorry for my poor English. I hope to know more about NCNG and NCTC from this list.

      O-Hi-O Gazemas, Tad!

      Welcome!  How great to have somebody from Japan on this list.  HY!  Your English is wonderful.  (How many on the list can communicate in Japanese, domo arrigato?)
      Please continue to stay interested and keep us posted on your activities.  I was in Japan last August and rode the Tokyo streetcar line.  The motorman presented me with a streetcar tie clip!  (I stayed at the Renaissance, close to Ginza; ate much sushi, but I do that here in America a couple of times a week!).  Again, welcome, and do not forget that much of America had narrow gauge railroads including several that we had here in Florida, including one of the original predecessors to Mr. Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.  (The original Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Halifax River Railroad was narrow gauge until Mr. Flagler purchased it on Dec. 31, 1885; in order to assure a steady flow of building material to and for the hotels he was building in St. Augustine he purchased the rickety, little narrow gauge with the 30# rail laid directly on the sandy soil (no road bed!) and immediately began to convert it to standard gauge.)  There were, of course, other Florida narrow gauges that lasted into the late years of the 19th Century.  It is probably getting close to noon there, so I will close by saying "Konichewa!"
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