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RE: Bear river bridge drawings

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  • Doug Stuard
    Jim, Two cantilever towers (160 each) + two approach towers (40 each) + two 40 approach sections + 30 center section = 510 x 1/160 = 3 2 1/4 . This
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 17, 2003

      Two cantilever towers (160' each) + two approach towers (40' each) + two
      40' approach sections + 30' center section = 510' x 1/160 = 3' 2
      1/4". This Leaves just enough for connection tracks at each end. I
      would love to do the full thing, but that would force compromises
      elsewhere, or cause me to enlarge the garage (even in N!).

      I'll keep the group posted.


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      Doug Stuard wrote:

      This works out to be 60" long and 13" high in N scale. A little
      selective compression on the approaches can fit it onto a standard
      4-foot module.

      Not that I want to be a wet blanket, but the last time I checked 60"
      equiled 5'. How you going to fit this in a 4' (48") module by just
      selectively compressing the approaches? Serious though, it would make
      an inspiring model in an 8' module.

      Jim Vail

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