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80Re: Bear River Bridge

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  • John Christensen
    Apr 4, 2001
      Hi Allen,
      I don't know if anything has been done on the Bear River Bridge. I will ask
      at our next meeting and get back to you in regards to possible resources.

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      From: Allen Tacy <alantacy@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 11:11 PM
      Subject: <NevadaCoNG> Bear River Bridge

      > The original bridge at Bear River was a deck Howe truss with a
      > cluster pier supporting the spans. The company which built this
      > bridge was the same one that built the similarly designed Browns
      > Canyon bridge of the North Pacific Coast in 1876.
      > I've done a lot of research to come up with a scale drawing of the
      > NPC bridge. I'm wondering if someone has researched the Bear River
      > bridge and we could compare notes? I rather suspect the two are
      > pretty much the same. Maybe some of the details could be clarified.
      > Allen Tacy
      > NWP RR HS
      > Have you visited or contributed to the FILES or LINKS section yet? Check
      them out!
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