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766HO Chicago Park Station; RS Laserkits

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  • Steve Wesolowski
    May 30, 2012
      Jim Vail is right: Ken sold his SCM kits to RS LaserKits. I
      looked at the RS HO Structures page:
      I didn't see the CP station, so he probably hasn't re-issued it yet.
      If you contact RS Laserkits and tell him you are interested in
      buying one, he may be able to move re-issuing it higher on his long TO
      DO list. It takes time & $ to do a limited edition kit re-run.

      Because I REALLY like RS Laserkits and his very well done products
      I hate to suggest this, but you COULD scratch build CP Station from the
      RMC drawings/article, as I did about the same time Ken was designing &
      releasing his kit.
      Ken actually got some details more correct than I did, But it also
      wasn't that hard to build. It is a very simple structure: Only took a
      slow builder like me a week, for my first truly 100% scratchbuilt
      structure. Your decision.

      Or, maybe someone bought one of Ken's SCM Models CP Station Kits
      and hasn't built it or changed his mind. Maybe Ask on the HOn3 list.
      steve w
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      > 1b. Re: NCNG in HOn3
      > Posted by: "Jim Vail" akacoot@... akacoot
      > Date: Tue May 29, 2012 1:58 pm ((PDT))
      > Hi Aaron -
      > Stevens Creek Models (Ken Lunders) had a great Chicago Park station
      > model - I reviewed it in the Gazette some time back. He has sold most
      > of his line - not sure if they offer the kit presently. I also can't
      > remember the new owner at the moment!
      > Jim Vail
      > On 5/29/2012 11:08 AM, Aaron wrote:
      >> Greetings all!
      >> I'm getting ready to start a small NCNG layout project in Hon3. It
      >> will be similar to Bill Iwan's "My Narrow Gauge Circle"; however, I've
      >> drawn it to feature Chicago Park on one side and Grass Valley on the
      >> other. I have a few NCNG pieces of rolling stock, including the #9,
      >> Standard Oil tank cars, and an awesome Swayne Plow built by Andrew
      >> Brandon, but I was curious what structure kits are/were available, or
      >> would be close to the buildings in the two areas I'd like to model.
      >> Any ideas, or direction would be great.
      >> Take care, Aaron Splawn (Roseville, Ca)