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753Conductor Asa Plank

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  • Everyone Panic
    Jan 2, 2012
      Hi all,
      In my studies of the NCNG I often encounter Photos of Mr. Asa Plank.
      Here is what I know of him,
      Born, 1877 in California (Probable Colfax, but not confirmed.).
      Raised in the household of A. J. Ewers and his wife Mary J. Ewers, raised witht ehir three children, Allen k, Willard a, and Emma D Ewers.
      Mrried about 1890 (unk exact year or date) to Clara, whom they had one daughter Lorita Plank. Mrs Planks maden name may have been Eichel (again unconfirmed)
      His Father was from New York, as was his mother. Unk names or how he came to bew ith the Ewers.
      Died in 1910 due to a coupling accident in Colfax CA. Buried in Grass Valley I believe. (unk cemetery)

      We often study the trains and lands, but not the heart and soul of the railroad, her people.

      I have started pages at findagrave.com for the Kidders, and would like to add Mr. Plack to the information data base. PLEASE, if you know anything further on him, photos, more of his family , or even others of the railroad, PLEASE post or email me so that I may add them.
      If you know his grave location or better yet, have a photo of it, again PLEASE let me know, I am in Troy Mi, and Google Earth is not quite that good yet.
      Any help would be appreciated.
      I will post here in the forum when new entries are made.