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749Re: Where Was the Glenbrook Carbarn? (NC Traction Co.)

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  • The Other Mark
    Apr 22, 2011
    I haven't been in the area in years, but that looks about right, Win.
    Beyond the old fairgrounds site, and just about where the NCTC curved
    back toward the east across what is now the Nevada City Highway as it
    approached the summit of Town Talk. I've lost all my maps of the
    area, and my NCNG books are stored away, but I think that seems


    If you zoom in to the Glenbrook area on this old map, it looks like it fits:


    The Other Mark

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    Subject: Where Was the Glenbrook Carbarn? (NC Traction Co.)
    Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:09:18 -0700
    From: Win Rogers <wordspinner@...>
    To: marnells@..., ncngrr@egroups.com

    The Marnells map asks this question in a green-and-white box placed
    behind the Fowler Center in the Brunswick Basin. I live off Glenwood
    Road, which winds from Nevada City Hwy up to the edge of the Eskaton

    There was a meeting at Dave's Van and Storage/Bekins Van Lines (303
    Glenwood Road) a few years ago. The owner, who hosted the meeting,
    talked about the history of his property. I believe he mentioned that
    it was a car barn at one point. The low brick building that backs onto
    Glenwood Road may date from that time. (The green-and-white box looks
    as if it is exactly over the Bekins site!)
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