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745Re: RMC Article about Box Car 36 (32)

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  • dennisivison
    Feb 18, 2011
      Thanks for posting the link. Yes that's the photo, there is an enlarged image in the article as well that shows the details of the car pretty well, along with a scale drawing.

      I went ahead and sliced off everything that didn't belong on the car (according to the photo), changed the end door openings from rt. to lt. I did add NCNG style ladders to the ends as opposed to the individual grabs though. I know that the drawing shows the car as built in 1880 with grabs, but I model 1912, so I took some modelers license here... I wonder if the car was even around by 1912?

      Next up, does anyone know where I can get some drawings/plans of the fruit cars?

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