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741RMC Article about Box Car 36 (32)

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  • dennisivison
    Feb 15, 2011
      Just received my RMC copy yesterday and starting on page 53 there is an article about the single sheathed (outside braced) box car by Rich Nealson. It includes an excellent picture of the car.

      The timing could have been a tiny bit better, but it could have been a lot worse. I just finished scratch building the car based on Jim Vails article and drawings of box car #50 by Herman Darr, as a matter of fact I just glued on the side ladders and cut levers yesterday morning, and the afternoon mail delivered a new twist. At least I hadn't painted and weathered the thing yet. I guess that the ladders will have to come off, and some hardware moved/removed. I had already taken Jim's advise and made the car 6" lower than his drawings so the height is OK. Fate must have been smiling on me though when it came to the side sills, because I screwed up royaly here and made them far too wide, by the time I realized it it was too late and I agonized for a couple of days over whether to tear everything off or live with it; as it turns out my side sills are very close to Rich's drawings, but my car will be 1 foot (1/4") too short. Since Rich's drawings are based on the car as originally built in 1880 and my layout is set in 1912 I toyed with the idea that the ladders may have been added in that 30 year span, but I think that I am going to remove them, either way the end ladders need to go to the other side.

      I'm hoping to get up there this fall because it's been a couple of years, I'd like to see all the hard work that the guys/gals at the museum have put into the restoration projects.

      Dennis Ivison
      Garden Grove, CA
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