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740Re: Restoration Posts from the NCNGRR museum.

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  • brucec4193@aol.com
    Jan 4, 2011
      Thanks for the update!
      Bruce N. Choate
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      In a message dated 1/3/2011 10:41:16 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, loosecaboose1@... writes:

      Hello All - As I have been working on the restoration of the museum's railroad equipment as the restoration manager, I will begin adding information to this site. I have previously added this information to the SPCRR while working on SPNG related equipment and the WSLC site while working on our West Side equipment so those groups would have first hand info on what we are working on and of course the all importance of sharing information.
      Currently we are doing a full restoration on SPNG flatcar #255 and I have posted pictures of the car past and present so far in two albums. I have also posted a album on Thielson trucks as well as that of our latest acquistion, a Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation boxcar #4 that one operated in Nevada County from Truckee to Tahoe City from 1905 to 1926. This car is a John Hammond built car of 1903. If you have any questions please ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
      The following is a list of restoration projects that I am planning over the next several years:
      1) SPNG flatcar #255 - Ongoing. Expect completion by March 2011.
      2) LTRY&T #4 - New needle beams, queen posts, truss rods &
      roof. Spring 2011.
      3) NCNG Tankcar 187 - Replace all wood components of car frame
      and install Westinghouse air brake system
      July - Dec 2011.
      4) Passenger trucks _ Rebuild one pair of passenger car trucks as
      time permits 2011-12. Ralph Lansig lead. The F&CC coach will be stabalized with new truss rods, interior wall spring planks and new lateral sill splices.
      5)West Side Log Car #203 - Jan - Jun. 2012.
      6)LTRY&T #4 - Replace areas of needed siding, rebuild doors
      7)D&RGW Stock Car - Total rebuild of car 2013
      8) West Side block car "B" - Currently doing a workup for the reconstuction of this car that was dismantled in 1986. Most of original part (90%)are available. Expect begin in 2014.
      9)SPNG gondola #233 - Total rebuild of car in 2015.
      That's it for now. I will be trying to stick to this schedual if I don't die first.
      John Christensen

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