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725Re: Outside Brace Box Cars?

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  • Greg Maxwell
    Jan 26, 2010
      I have uploaded two new photos to the Group Photos file. The new file is labeled " OB Box car 32?". The first photo is the enlargement of the outside brace car from the Bear River bridge view. Take a look at the platform portion of the car. Note the location of the body-bolster truss rod washers, mounted on the side sills as they would be on a Carter / NCNG 8 ton flat car. Also note the frame construction in regards to the end beams, how they sit in notches at the ends of the side sills. This is also characteristic of a Carter / NCNG flat car. Box car #32 would have been the first box car built following the 15 Carter kits. According to Bruce MacGregor in his "The Birth of California Narrow Gauge" Box car #32 was most likely built with Carter kit material. It would not be too crazy of an assumption to say that #32 would have been a copy of one of the first 15 kits. If you compare the car in the photo to the Carter 8 ton box car plan on pages 186-7 of "The Birth of California Narrow Gauge" you will see that the Carter 8 ton box car has only eight upright posts and the car in the photo has ten. You will also notice that the end of the car is constructed very differently than the car in the plan.
      The second photo uploaded is a broadside view of #32. The body bolsters extend below the side sills as they should on a Carter / NCNG 8 ton box car with the bolster truss rod washer mounted to the lower end of the bolster. My guess would be that the outside brace car in the two early photos is not box car #32 but actually an 8 ton flat car with a box superstructure mounted on top. Judging from the difference in the trucks with the adjacent 8 ton flat cars this is probably one of the NCNG built flats (odd #31-49).
      Best regards,
      Greg Maxwell

      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Brandon <andrew.brandon@...> wrote:
      > The car you're referring to is Boxcar 32, it was one of a kind. From what I
      > recall, the car was built with outside bracing originally but later received
      > sheething like the rest of the boxcar fleet. The how when and why I do not
      > have in front of me. In any case it is one of the first, if not the first,
      > boxcar built by the Grass Valley shops and according to Herman should be 26'
      > long. There was an article by Jim Vail wherein he built a model of this car
      > which contained a little information about it.
      > Vail, Jim, "Two HOn3 Nevada County Narrow Gauge Boxcars," Narrow Gauge and
      > Short Line Gazette, November/December 1999, 76-79. A sctratchbuilding
      > article on constructing a 26' outside framed NCNG box car in HOn3. Includes
      > a drawing of car #32 as an outside framed car and a reprint of Herman Darr's
      > drawing of the 1930's version of the NCNG's 26' box cars (NCNG-6, 1982
      > version).
      > -=Andrew Brandon=-
      > http://www.pacificng.com
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