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715Re: Flat Car 255

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  • Randy Hees
    Dec 28, 2009
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      There are several stake pockets used on SPng... The most common is a SP standard stake pocket, the second most common is a Carter...
      The SP is a 2 u-bolt style marked "W-30" for its SP identification.
      The Carter is a 1 u-bolt marked "11" (or unmarked)
      Both fit a tapered 4x4
      I suspect 255 carries the W-30
      Randy Hees
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      From: dennisb60
      Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 10:36 PM
      Subject: <NevadaCoNG> Flat Car 255


      I little help needed from you guys at the museum.
      In reference to flat #255 stake pockets.
      What is the inside diameter of the pockets?
      If not square, what side is against the side sill?
      Are these the original SPNG stake pockets?

      Thank You in advance.

      Dennis Burke

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