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677Re: Micro Trains Flat Car

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  • carcrazy832
    Mar 11, 2009
      I was excited that someone was producing a RTR NCNG car and disapointed to find it was not a very accurate model. Micro-Trains used their steel Colorado & Southern underframe car and lettered it for the NCNG. I bought one anyway to encourage the manufacturer that there is interest in a NCNG car. I think we might have a long wait for any truly accurate RTR cars. The big market in HOn3 (if you can call it big) will always be the Colorado roads. I doubt the manufacturers will offer much more than relettered cars for NCNG. I do wish Micro-Trains could have gotten closer on the color though as this is a detail which would be easily matched. Someone else noted the ads and box label note cast steel bettendorf trucks. I think we can be glad they used their archbar trucks instead, since that is a little closer to the prototype.

      I have thought of lettering a Blackstone flat for NCNG even though I know that car would not be accurate either. But at least it would have truss rods. And the Blackstone cars are very nicely done. Of course it might be best to just scratch-build an accurate flat car. I think Jim Vail had an article in the Gazette a few years ago.

      At least Stevens Creek Models has produced or announced a few NCNG models. The original Chicago Park depot is a beautiful kit (though in studying photos it looks to me like the model may be a mirror image - does anyone know?). And they have announced plans to produce the Nevada City and Peardale depots and the NCNG caboose in laser wood kits. I will purchase each as they become available.

      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Brandon <andrew.brandon@...> wrote:
      > Aaron,
      > There are a few more issues with the car that I should point out. It
      > slipped my mind in the first message. If you take a look at the model
      > picture it has a steel frame. The NCNG cars did not as they were the
      > flatcar portions of the old F&CC gondolas. MT has been releasing their
      > gondola with the steel frame from the Reefer. This means that the car
      > is largely only a caricature of the real cars. The lack of truss rods
      > is the major problem here. There is a great shot of Flatcar 151 in
      > Best's book which will help illustrate the differences for those of
      > you curious. Micro Trains is to be commended for NCNG RTR models in
      > HOn3, it is a shame that it isn't accurate.
      > For the record; the NCNG painted painted their freight cars the same
      > color, a bright red. This red would be very similar to an Oxide Red in
      > shade, possibly brighter. I have yet to sit down and work up a paint
      > match at this point. I would suggest simply using Floquil Zinc
      > Chromate Primer, it makes a good Oxide Red. Keep in mind whatever
      > color you choose to use should definitely be red and not brown.
      > -=Andrew=-
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