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655West Side Lbr Co. and SPNG DVDs For Sale -Good Stocking Stuffer

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  • Jim Blain
    Nov 27, 2008
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      The following professionally digitized, restored and edited  ( 8mm color movies) DVDs are available for immediate Christmas delivery:Personal check or Money Order (Sorry ,no Pay-Pal). I ship within 24 hours of payment.
      - 2007 release: "Last of the 3 Footers" (10 min) ( circa late 1950s)WSLC incoming log train from Flume including mill exterior and yards. Includes moody rainy day pictures of  closed mill and engine house area before locos were sold. Bone chilling whistles and non-intrusive music score .(Dolby sound)
      Cost:  $ 10.00 + $ 2.00 (Shipping) =$ 12.00 total( USD)
      2008, Spring Release : "WSLC -End of an Era" (20 min). (circa late 1950s-60s) Various Shay log trains, switching, exterior mill shots ,Heisler yard operation around Tuolumne , detailed log dumping operations, Pickering log trains at Ralph . Trip to River Bridge on WSCV  Ry.  Dolby sound . Accurate replication of typical  ambient mill and loco sounds with non-intrusive music score.(Dolby sound)
      Cost: $ 20.00 + $ 2.00 (Shipping) = $ 22.00 total (USD)

      2008, Fall  Release: Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge : "SPNG, Twilight of Steam-Last excursion Train from Keeler-March 22, 1958" (37 min) . Never seen before. Rare movies of SP  ten wheeler ,#9 and # 18 in operation  between Laws and Keeler. Includes stunning color slide presentation by Bill Poole (circa 1954), maps ,professionally digitized 8 mm movies and accurate replication of ambient train sounds with appropriate music score.(Dolby sound)

      Cost: $ 23.00 + $ 2.00 (Shipping) = $ 25.00 total (USD)
      E-mail me in advance to reserve order as supply is limited.
      Send payment to :

      Jim Blain
      708 Pinecone Dr.
      Scotts Valley, CA 95066