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653Search for old 8mm and 16mm movies-Steam Logging and Railroads

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  • Jim Blain
    Nov 23, 2008
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      I have been encouraged by the interest in my archival DVDs on the WSLC AND SPNG  to consider another release.  I am interested in procurement of raw 8mm or 16 mm home move film, VHS copies, or digitally converted DVDs thereof of the following:
      1-West Side mill and logging operations ,especially mill interior and steam power plant .
      2-Feather River Lumber Co.
      3-Pickering Lumber Co,
      4-McCloud Lumber Co.
      5-Long-Bell Lbr. Co.-Weed CA
      6-The Pacific Lumber Co-Scotia  CA
      7-Union Lbr Co/Georgia Pacific Lbr.Co-Fort Bragg CA
      8-Sierra Ry-especially engine No.38
      9-Santa Cruz Lumber Co
      10-Tonopah and Tidewater Ry.
      11.V & T Ry
      I am willing to work with anyone that will release their material for general  archival study via
      DVD . Reasonable compensation  offered.
       Keep in mind :
      (a) Old movies are in state of deterioration ,especially if not stored properly. They just fade away in time (especially color film).
      (b) Current digitization processes will not harm the movie master .A good  lab will  carefully clean the film and project it normally and copy on a digital camera. From there the raw film is rewound and placed in storage and returned to owner and the digital data is processed from that point on. In some cases the the color balance can be restored.
      (c) Home movies can be edited for content with out damage to raw film  .I am a "bottom feeder" .I am not worried about film that is not professionally shot ,I can use nearly anything with proper exposure and is reasonably sharp and steady. Color and B/W film ok
      Contact me off-line at :Jimx@...
      Jim Blain
      Scotts Valley, CA