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641Re: snow question

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  • Andrew Brandon
    Jul 18, 2008
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      Snow in Colfax is usually rather light as it sits around 2,400 foot
      elevation. A "typical" snow storm here in the Sierras will drop down
      to around 2,500ft, so Colfax will get light dusting, maybe a few
      inches but only rarely does it any signifigant snow. Colfax's town
      slogan is "Colfax: Above The Fog, Below The Snow" after all. :)
      I have seen a handful of photos showing snow in Colfax and I believe I
      have 2 or 3 NCNG related ones in my collection none of them seem show
      more than patches of snow on the ground.
      If I remember to bring a couple photos to work next week I'll scan
      them for you as I don't have a scanner at home.

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