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  • Andrew Brandon
    May 8, 2008

      I thought I heard rumblings of a possible DVD version, but I haven't
      heard anything concrete.
      Here are some stills from the video however.
      You can see one of the SP cars in the still of Chicago Park, but it is
      sadly in the shade so you can't get a good feel for the color.
      There is a fantastic shot of boxcar on that page in color though.

      NCNG colors can be tough to track down simply because of a few
      factors, the lack of existing paperwork doesn't help so we have to go
      on what Johnny Nolan related to folks over the year and others
      memories or what little documentation we have. On top of this, the
      NCNG was a first class operation for many years before finally giving
      up the "Ghost Of John Kidder" and starting to lose the flair in their
      If you take a look at lettering around the turn of the century on
      freight equipment you'll notice that the lettering has an awful lot of
      curls and extravagance to them, even during the Sarah Kidder years we
      see coaches that have fancy borders around their numbers and other
      examples of well cared for passenger equipment. One of the aspects I
      have long admired about the NCNG is the uniqueness to the equipment
      and just how home brewed elements of the operation were. A bit of
      humor I would share with people is that NCNG 5 doesn't really exist,
      its a collection of parts from other NCNG locomotives since #2, 3, 7,
      8 and the Glenbrook have all contributed to parts to her over the
      years, the NCNG at times did everything they could to keep their
      locomotives in service. Johnny Nolan and the rest of the shops are to
      be commended for the fantastic work over the years. With that being
      said, as you build models of equipment watch out for oddities,
      although before the depression this is less noticeable.

      If you don't mind my asking, what scale are you modeling?


      On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Dennis Ivison
      <dennisivison@...> wrote:
      > Andrew,
      > Thanks once again for your help. What a color range. I'd love to have
      > a copy of that video, I've seen it mentioned here several times. Was
      > it ever done on DVD? I've heard that the museum may have copies and
      > plan on checking it out on my next trip up from So Cal.
      > Dennis
      > --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Brandon" <andrew.brandon@...>
      > wrote:
      >> Dennis,
      >> I have not dug up any real solid evidence on the colors of the
      > coaches
      >> myself except for the following.
      >> The original coaches appear to have possibly been some shade of
      > yellow
      >> with contrasting trim (a brown is likely).
      >> After about the turn of the century I am leaning towards a green,
      >> however I suspect the green would be similar to what the SP was
      >> painting their cars at the time. In later years the passenger
      >> equipment that came from the SP would have been Tuscan as shown in
      > the
      >> color NCNG video footage if you are lucky enough to have it. Sadly
      > as
      >> I have put my book on hold for the time being I hadn't gotten around
      >> to digging up info on the passenger cars, being at work I don't have
      >> access to my research materials but I will see if I can find
      > anything
      >> else later this evening.
      >> Hopefully someone has better insight than I do.
      >> -Andrew-

      -=Andrew Brandon=-
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