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  • Loren Miller
    Apr 15, 2008
      Interesting. I live here and have actually worked in the gold mines of the area. Most of the hard rock mines are a quartz vein in basalt and/or serpentine. The basalt is dark gray, the serpentine a mottled green but has no structural integrity. I have not seen the actual ballast from the ncngrr, nor the tailings from the mine you mentioned. Perhaps somebody can tell you better, but I have seen nothing but gray to dark gray ballast on any tracks here in Northern California, and the basalt is quite hard, has sharp edges and stays put as it locks into place. It is also used on many dirt roads here for the same reasons ans in the quarry industry that sells it for that purpose, it is called "mine rock" for obvious reasons. I hope that helps some. Other people here may have better info and more accurate having done much closer research to the actual ncngrr tracks, pictures, etc.

      To: NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com
      From: dennisivison@...
      Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 20:18:51 +0000
      Subject: <NevadaCoNG> An Introduction, and a Question

      Hello All,

      I'm the new guy (rookie) on this forum. I modeled in N-scale for 35

      years and had a 20'x28' Espee layout set in Arizona; I had hosted

      monthly ops sessions for the last 15 years. Prior to Arizona, I

      modeled the Imperial Valley, Beaumont Pass, and my first serious

      layout was the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles.

      I've always loved small steam (a very difficult proposition in N-

      scale), and narrow gauge trains. The turning point came when I heard

      a friends O-scale locomotive complete with sound...wow! I was hooked.

      So, the layout came down, and 150 locomotives and several hundred

      cars went up for sale.

      At first I was going to stay with the SP, but really wanted to do

      something other than the desert (again!). I thought of fictionalizing

      the V&T in narrow gauge, and was heading that way when I picked up a

      copy of the, "Winter 2008 Modelers Annual". I discovered The NCNGRR

      and had my prototype. The NCNG interchanged with the SP, had

      exactly the kind of mix that appealed to me, and is set in a

      beautiful landscape´┐Ż so it appeared from the pictures (I now have all

      3 of the books on the Narrow Gauge). The truth is, I had never heard

      of Grass Valley, and thought that Nevada City was surely in Nevada.

      But, a little internet research confirmed what the black & white

      pictures had to say about the area. I talked my family into making a

      trip up there over spring break and discovered a fabulous area; we

      ended up spending 3 days there. Unfortunately the museums were

      closed, but we drove the area from Colfax to Nevada City and of

      course I took tons of pictures. I will be coming back up in the fall,

      which is the time period that I plan on modeling; I've heard the

      colors are something to see.

      I'm building a new O-scale layout in the same 20'x 28' train room.

      The track plan is ready; I am going to set the layout in the 1912 to

      1920's time period, (I found some 1909-1912 O-scale Model T's from

      National Motor Company). The bench work is complete, and the back

      drop painting is almost done. I am really looking forward to getting

      some track laid, and this brings up a question. The books say that

      the road bed was ballasted with tailings from the Eureka Mine, (we

      visited the Empire Mine) but I was unable to get a handle on the

      color of the tailings/ballast. I would hate to have to redo this part

      if I guessed wrong, so I was hoping that someone could help me out

      with this.

      Thank you,

      Dennis Ivison

      Garden Grove, CA

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