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582An Introduction, and a Question

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  • Dennis Ivison
    Apr 12, 2008
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      Hello All,

      I'm the new guy (rookie) on this forum. I modeled in N-scale for 35
      years and had a 20'x28' Espee layout set in Arizona; I had hosted
      monthly ops sessions for the last 15 years. Prior to Arizona, I
      modeled the Imperial Valley, Beaumont Pass, and my first serious
      layout was the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles.

      I've always loved small steam (a very difficult proposition in N-
      scale), and narrow gauge trains. The turning point came when I heard
      a friends O-scale locomotive complete with sound...wow! I was hooked.
      So, the layout came down, and 150 locomotives and several hundred
      cars went up for sale.

      At first I was going to stay with the SP, but really wanted to do
      something other than the desert (again!). I thought of fictionalizing
      the V&T in narrow gauge, and was heading that way when I picked up a
      copy of the, "Winter 2008 Modelers Annual". I discovered The NCNGRR
      and had my prototype. The NCNG interchanged with the SP, had
      exactly the kind of mix that appealed to me, and is set in a
      beautiful landscape¬Ö so it appeared from the pictures (I now have all
      3 of the books on the Narrow Gauge). The truth is, I had never heard
      of Grass Valley, and thought that Nevada City was surely in Nevada.
      But, a little internet research confirmed what the black & white
      pictures had to say about the area. I talked my family into making a
      trip up there over spring break and discovered a fabulous area; we
      ended up spending 3 days there. Unfortunately the museums were
      closed, but we drove the area from Colfax to Nevada City and of
      course I took tons of pictures. I will be coming back up in the fall,
      which is the time period that I plan on modeling; I've heard the
      colors are something to see.

      I'm building a new O-scale layout in the same 20'x 28' train room.
      The track plan is ready; I am going to set the layout in the 1912 to
      1920's time period, (I found some 1909-1912 O-scale Model T's from
      National Motor Company). The bench work is complete, and the back
      drop painting is almost done. I am really looking forward to getting
      some track laid, and this brings up a question. The books say that
      the road bed was ballasted with tailings from the Eureka Mine, (we
      visited the Empire Mine) but I was unable to get a handle on the
      color of the tailings/ballast. I would hate to have to redo this part
      if I guessed wrong, so I was hoping that someone could help me out
      with this.

      Thank you,
      Dennis Ivison
      Garden Grove, CA
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