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576Re: n.c.n.g. Photos

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  • Dennis Burke
    Dec 26, 2007
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      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Miller" <nvngrr@...> wrote:
      > Are the photos the same as in Gerald Best's book or are there
      > new ones? I didn't buy the last annual because there were no new
      > photos or info.
      > Kevin Miller

      Kevin, I did a quik review of Browns and Best's books as well as
      other files i have and there are many photos in the new annual that i
      could not locate in these books. Some are of flatcars with loads,
      also tankcars, as well as passenger equipment. I must concur with
      Andrew that the shot of locomotive #8 that Mal stated says the
      handwriting on the back says Mina is not Mina. To the rear of the
      loco is the a portion of the S.P. engine facility in Colax, which is
      very close in appearance to the facility at Mina.Maybe this caused
      the mis-label. The dead give-a-way is the cliff over the pilot of the
      loco. There are no such cliffs in the Mina yard. Just other
      structures and sage with a few trees.
      Also, correct me if I am wrong, if there would have been a S.P to
      N.C.N.G. 2-8-0 at Mina, as the discussed photo, would this not have
      been N.C.N.G.#9 (the 2nd #1 on the S.P.N.G.), the other 2-8-0, which
      arrived on the N.C.N.G. from the S.P. in 1933. I dont think the #8
      was on the S.P.N.G. The only other 2-8-0 on S.P. was # 13 which was
      scrapped in 1927. I am new on the N.C.N.G. so any additional input
      would be great.

      Anyway, I am personally greatful to Mal for sharing his collection
      with us mislabeled or not. Look what its got us doing, research, just
      another part of being a rail-buff. I love it!!

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