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573Re: Re: n.c.n.g. Photos

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  • Andrew Brandon
    Dec 24, 2007

      There are a number of shots that were not in Best's or Brown's books
      however they have shown up in other articles by Farrell. Included in
      the "new" photos is the great shot of the trusses for Nevada Union
      high school being moved along the NCNG and some great early shots of
      #5. However several of the captions are incorrect that I noticed at
      quick glance so I would be leery of what the captions say if it
      doesn't sound logical, one photo that sticks out in my mind as "way
      wrong" is the shot of #8 in Colfax which is captioned as being in
      "Mina, NV.". Beyond these minor issues there are a great set of Herman
      Darr plans included in the issue and it would be a genuine boon to the
      NCNG modeller.

      -Andrew Brandon

      On Dec 24, 2007 10:55 AM, Kevin Miller <nvngrr@...> wrote:
      > Are the photos the same as in Gerald Best's book or are there several
      > new ones? I didn't buy the last annual because there were no new
      > photos or info.
      > Kevin Miller

      -=Andrew Brandon=-
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