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546Re: Grass Valley Depot

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  • Andrew Brandon
    Dec 27, 2006

      I am not certain off the top of my which dimension is right. However the map
      in best is quite old and might very well be incorrect. The best suggestion I
      have is to check in the files section for the list of drawings by Herman
      Darr and contact him, I don't remember if he did a full drawing of the depot
      or not but I am sure he has a more updated map of the grass valley yards.


      On 12/27/06, empirita <empirita@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to draw up the plans to build a model of the Grass Valley
      > depot. In the process of taking dimensions for the building from a
      > Sanborn map and the map contained in the G. Best book, there is a
      > large disagreement on the overall size.
      > The Sanborn map indicates an overall dimension (not including roof
      > overhang or covered walk) of 22' x 136'.
      > The G. Best map indicates an overall dimension of 32' x 165'(same
      > exclusions).
      > Which is correct?
      > Anyone have any idea what the dimensions of any of the doors or
      > windows are?
      > How about the size of wood used for the siding?
      > Lastly, how about the slopes of the office roof and freight roof?
      > Thanks for any help you can provide.
      > David

      -=Andrew Brandon=-

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