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543Pilot and Drivers on Engine #1

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  • flobarchetti
    Dec 20, 2006
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      For quite a while I carry the idea with me converting a PSC/Kodama 4-
      4-0 into NCNG #1 in the last years of service as an oil burner with
      electric light and automatic couplers.
      First it looked just like changing the smokebox, pilot and the cab.
      Recently, while studying various pictures of this engine, I noticed
      a significant difference in the size of the driver counterweights.
      In early shots they are clearly visible covering the space between 4
      spokes. In later shots, due to too small or fuzzy images it is
      rather a guess, they seem larger and covering 5 spokes.

      Does someone of you have information to proof my guess?

      Further was there ever made a casting of such a pilot with
      horizontal bars?
      What looked the front coupler pocket like?

      I wish to all of you and your families merry x-mas and a happy new

      Greetings from Switzerland