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527Re: grass Valley Gas works

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    Oct 10, 2006
      In a message dated 10/9/2006 8:38:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      ncngrr@... writes:

      Hi Mike,

      If you go the the links page, then to the Nevada County Narrow
      Guage Project link, on page 3 you'll find a picture of the gas
      works. There's also a picture of #5& #2 double heading in the snow
      next to the plant in Best's book. I also have a picture of a fruit
      car behind #5 in Colfax. You can see the left front corner and part
      of the side past the door. Enough to get an idea of the
      constuction. I'll see if I can scan or get a digital shot of it to
      post or send. Steve Coffey

      Mike and Steve,

      I had forgotten about the stills created from Al Phelps movies on this site.
      In the view of the gas plant the plant building is hidden behind the fuel
      tank. The main building of the plant consist of two story rectangular structure
      with a single hip roof with ridge running perpendicular to the NCNG main and
      a attached structure on the south side of about a story and a half with an
      uneven hip roof. the entire plant is constructed of corrugated metal. The view
      just below the one of the gas plant is just a short way north (towards Nevada
      City) of the gas plant at the point where the main crosses Wolf Creek. The
      track that takes off to the right is the lead to the Idaho-Maryland timber

      Greg Maxwell

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