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  • Rick
    Jul 30 9:30 AM
      Thanks for all the info. I'm looking at the 1930's with a heavy NCNG
      emphasis it looks like an oxide red is the way to go.

      Thanks for all the help.



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      Based on a conversation I had with Herman Darr a while ago, the NCNG painted
      their boxcars an oxide red, I don't know how to describe the shade off hand
      but it was very red in the later years. In the NCNG's early years there is
      no known data on the color but since their earliest rolling stock was from
      the Carter Brothers a safe assumption is to go with a tuscan red for the
      period from 1876-1900 and the oxide red from 1901 on.


      On 7/29/06, Randy Hees <hees@... <mailto:hees%40rcn.com> > wrote:
      > What year and or railroad are you modeling? This does change over the
      > years.
      > I am short of time right now (off to San Jose for the races) but...
      > Generally, a Tuscan red early on (at least if painted by the Carter
      > Brothers) SPC (and N&C) transitioned to a "Metalic color" (a 19th
      > centrury paint name meaning made from iron bearing pigment, not meaning
      > metal flake) darker brown red (Roof brown with a bit of red) Roads like
      > the NCNG or later SP offer still more choices.
      > Randy Hees

      -=Andrew Brandon=-

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