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506Bucker Snowplow

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  • John Foster
    Jul 18, 2006
      Hello All,

      I just loaded a few pictures of my finished ON3 NCNGRR Bucker Snowplow
      in the phot section.

      The fun part was making the blade rise up & down, I left out the grab
      irons and stirrups like what was shown in the picture that Doug MacLeod
      sent me.

      I also turned up a few of the wheels that are used for ballast, the
      picture shows them all faced down and I'm sure the reason for that would
      be to better get a hold of them if need be.

      But that's just a guess on my part and I'm sure I could be wrong, I just
      wanted to show a little detail on my model so a few were turned up.

      Anyway I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I had building it.

      Thanks You to those who sent me the info, it helped a great deal.


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