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  • John Foster
    Jul 4, 2006
      Hello Kevin,

      It was Herman Darr's plan out of Finescale that I based my build on of the Bucker plow .
      I received a photo from Doug Macleod that was just fantastic, the picture shows the plow in very fine shape.
      I do appreciate the info and will act on it right away, I had built the plow in large scale with only the drawing as my only source and with the new picture it has helped with the changes I needed to make for the one in On3.
      I would like to see more of this plow and will ask Mr. Darr if he has any other photo's as well.
      The NCNG had some unique looking cars and I hope to model a few more of them.
      I am near finished with the Bucker plow in On3 just a few more details to do and I am still searching for a prototypical coupler for it.
      Any suggestions?, I have a PSC but it just looks to large.
      I don't know what Grantline carries one and will check them out.
      When I finish I will upload a few pictures.
      I really appreciate the info, Thanks again.


      Kevin Miller <kevin@...> wrote:

      Herman Darr has drawn plans for the buckler snowplow that he sells
      along with several NCNGRR drawings. He would also very likely have
      unpublished pictures if there are any.

      Herman Darr
      P.O. Box 2186
      Nevada City, CA 95959

      You should also try the California State RR Museum library. I
      purchased some unpublished pictures of Engine Number 8 from them a
      while back.

      Kevin Miller
      Winlock, WA

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